On December 17th high school stars will invade Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first annual Clash in Cameron. Jabari Parker and Mitch McGary headline the event but there are loads od other stars coming as well. The event had so much interest that NCCU was added and they will have Jalill Okafor another Duke prospect. I am helping to sponsor the event along with the NC Pro Am guys who've now come aboard. Bleid Sports puts on the event which is a good thing for the student athletes in that they truly care for them and do things on the up and up if you will. Anyhow, here is more on the event as we've been allowed to be the first to break the news and complete schedule - http://bluedevilnation.net/2011/10/t...jabari-parker/

I do hope Duke fans will turn out for the event info on tickets is coming soon. Parker is key recruit in the 2013 class while McGary is 2012. Natuarally, we all hope he gives Duke a verbal but we all know it's a tight race. Anyhow, the event features some super sophs as well, so it should be a good one for a good cause.