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    Watch Nolan Play Ball Tonight -- Live!

    Hereís the link to watch the game: FYI: You need to register for an account to watch, do so early so you donít miss a beat.

    You can also watch on channel 9403 on DISH, 374 on DirecTV.

    You can watch on Time Warner Cable in the Raleigh-Durham area on Channel 287!

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    For some reason I get BYUtv (ch. 374) with a fairly basic TV package, so it's worth checking. They're also replaying it later tonight if you missed it and want to DVR it.

    I just missed the first half, but apparently Nolan is ballin' out.

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    That was an AWESOME game to watch. There is no college bball all star game, so this served as a de facto. The guys played hard(er) on defense that they do in an NBA summer league or all star game and it had the real feel of a college game.

    Nolan looked great. Havent seen a box score yet but I'd peg it around 26 and 12. At least 6 alley-oop assists that I counted, maybe more. I can't believe he went 20 something in the draft...he's going to be a good player in the league. He might have been the best player on the floor.

    They played at BYU so Jimmer naturally jacked up a bunch of shots. He probably had a similar line to Nolan but with a ton more shots and usage...

    Kemba walker and Isiah Thomas were awesome for Team Leonard. Nolan and Isiah were guarding each other and jawing a little bit, hard to say who got the better of who, but Isiah's team won.
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    Nolan is awesome

    I love Nolan...

    The energy of the crowd seemed to surprise a few of the players who werenít expecting fan-favorite status.


    After the game, Rose mentioned that Smith, who played at Duke, looked at the crowd during a timeout and said, ďMan, Iíd love to have one last game in Cameron.Ē

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