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    I thought Gottlieb was great. People are too sensitive about stuff like this. The guy gives his honest and usually-educated opinion as an analyst. When he thought Duke looked bad (e.g., against Arizona State when we looked unathletic) he said so. When he thought we looked good (e.g., his praise of Zoubek and picking us to go to the championship game later that same year) he said so. He's just very opinionated (which is part of his job) and very brash.

    As a play-by-play guy, I think he's fantastic. He actually pays attention to the game. He actually discusses the merit (or lack thereof) of calls made throughout the game, and he's almost always right. He actually provides wit and humor. And he actually provides insight into the game being played. I think he's the best color commentator I've seen in a while. Better than Knight, who has forgotten more than I'll ever know about the game, but is getting less sharp at analyzing the actual game being played. Better than Bilas (who is getting too preachy for me). And obviously better than the other guys who are really bad (Elmore, Vitale, etc).
    I actually agree that he did a decent job with these 2 games, but I think he's just wronged us too much in the past for us to forgive him. I also just don't like him period . . I mean what kind of guy constantly brings up the fact that he once played Div I basketball just to give himself some credit? (And yes, he DID mention his playing days when he said that he played against Darko Milicic out of nowhere when he was talking about Wang Zhelin; I knew he would throw it in there somewhere) And then he threw up his picture next to his top 5 NCAA team rankings . . . was that really necessary? I guess he's a bit insecure about it or something, but just do your job . . as an analyst, if you sound like you know what you're talking about, people will respect you. No need for the excessive self-aggrandizement.
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