With the NBA in lockout mode, I thought it would be interesting to start keeping a closer eye on ex-Duke players plying their trade in Europe and elsewhere. Jon Scheyer's signing with Maccabi Tel-Aviv got some publicity here earlier this summer, but he is one of many players to make a move this summer.

DeMarcus Nelson played for the French runners up last season, but he is moving to the Ukraine to play for defending champions BC Donetsk. He will get another chance to qualify for the Euroleague, which he played in last season.

Here is the translated version of the news from the team:

Daniel Ewing was the best player in Poland last season and now he too will be playing in Ukraine with runners up BC Azovmash Mariupol. Unfortunately he is moving from a perennial Euroleague team to one that will only be in qualifying for the second-tier competition, the Eurocup.

Here is the news from the EuroCup website:

Marty Pocius should have his official move announced at any time now as he is set to move from the Lithuanian champions to Spanish superpower and Euroleague semifinalists Real Madrid. Since Marty has one year left on his deal with Zalgiris Kaunas, it looks like he and Madrid will have to come up with 700,000 euros for a buy-out. This is definitely exciting news for him and switching Euroleague teams will put him in a group against Maccabi Tel-Aviv, so Marty and Jon should have some battles this year as Daniel and DeMarcus will as well.

Those will probably be the main players among the men's alums to play in Europe. We will see if William Avery will play again this season after he spent the second half of last season in Poland. Former's women's teams players will probably reveal their destinations for the European season as the WNBA season draws to a close. These players may be the main alums that we track in professional basketball this fall!