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The Jeter vs. Nunez comparison is interesting. As of this moment, Jeter is hitting .250 with no power and only a few walks. His OPS is a dreadful .577 (after a career .834). On the other hand, Nunez is batting .385 with a .900-plus OPS (albiet in limited at bats).

The problem is that Nunez already has five errors in limited chances -- he's fielding under .800!

Jeter (who has one error in far more innings this season) led all regular shortstops in baseball last season with just five errors. That's one reason he won the gold glove at short, even though his range is near the bottom at the position. But managers (who vote on the gold glove) value dependality more than anything else.

Nunez today had two hits and two errors. That's unacceptable.

Here's my solution:

(1) Jeter stays at short, but drops down to 8th in the lineup -- at least until he starts to hit better.

(2) Nunez temporarily replaces Posada at DH -- at least until Nunez's OPS comes down. Let Gardner, Nunez bat 1-2 in front of Tex, A-Roid and Cano.

And just to return to our Python roots, I read all the stuff about Jeter's decline and I think about the "Bring out your dead scene"


"I'm not dead yet!"
Great comparison on Jetes and the Grail.

I don't know know if I'd hit Nunez for Posada just yet. I think we need to give Jorge more time. Remember, this is his first go round at DH and it's quite a bit different from catching where you're involved with each pitch. It's gotta be killing him.

I also don't think you move Jeter yet. Sure, if the Yanks had a bona fide top 1-2 hitter you'd think about it but they don't. I'd give him a longer leash and see if he can somehow come out of it.