When I originally posed the question, I was not thinking at all about Austin's future NBA career or even his place in Duke history. I was just thinking about one season at Duke, since that's all we're guaranteed with any of these top recruits.

I know there will be an adjustment/learning process, but as fans, it's fun to imagine what could be. And I thought that it could be possible for Austin to be the best scorer that I've seen from a Duke player since I've been following the program(1991).

We can debate the definition of a "scorer" but it seems that Austin is very well-rounded in his offensive repertoire. We've had plenty of great shooters in the past 2 decades, but I don't know if there's been a player that combines crazy range with the ability to drive, finish, and score from anywhere on the floor like Austin does.

Anyways, it's been fun reading everyone's posts. Can't wait for the '11-'12 season to start.