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    Your favorite moments/ positive take aways this year

    OK kids, it's been a few days, let's stop licking our wounds and start to reflect on the beauty that was the 2010-2011 Men's Basketball season.

    Kyle and Nolan came back and gave us some amazing highlights! I am new to the Duke fan-family but Senior night made me tear up like a preteen at my first romantic comedy. Could you find two college superstars with more character and substance?

    The emergence of Ryan Kelly. Who else was surprised with his sophomore surge? Tripled his minutes, SEXTUPLED his buckets and points. And his best is yet to come!

    Kyrie healed. But throughout his rehabilitation he stayed engaged with the team. Did y'all soak that in? Regardless of the wins/losses, watching Kyrie stay a part of this team showed the depth of character and importance of growth over tv revenue that is Duke basketball. Maybe you folks are used to that level of integrity from your college bball programs. I'm in Louisville, KY. It's still amazing to me.

    Mike Krzyzewski passed some monolithic icons to reach second in all time wins behind only his mentor and Coach, Bob Knight.

    What did you love best about this past basketball season?

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    The Nolan Leap

    Nolan and Coach K jumping and hugging each other two weeks ago today.

    And if UNC should lose today I would choose our season over theirs. Regular Season does not mean what it once did. We won the Duke Invitational (ACC Tournament) again. And we beat our rival 2 out of 3.

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    Many positive things and memories from this season. My favorites:

    Decisive win over UNC for the ACC Championship

    Kyrie as an enthusiastic teammate during the long period of his recovery; it was a great demonstration of the supportive family atmosphere that exists for Duke basketball under Coach K

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    1. Dismantling UNC in the ACC Finals.....Extremely satisfying to win the ACC again at the hands of an extremely confident UNC fanbase.

    2. The epic comeback against UNC at CIS.....biggest deficit since the '50's I believe.

    3. Watching Kyle and Nolan for their senior year. Love those guys!

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    The rally to win from 14 points down against UNC.


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