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    Question about thumb drive data recovery

    I've got a big problem.

    Yesterday and today I've been editing the PhD thesis of one of my students. MS word (2003 office) document on a thumb drive. My computer is running Vista.

    After saving the document this morning, I got an error message - something about lack of connectivity to the internet or something, I didn't pay that much attention, I thought it was something to do with my internet connection.

    After I clicked 'ok' or whatever, the word document closed. And dissapeared from the thumbdrive. There is no document, no word recovery file, no nothing.

    The error message may have been Vista or Live OneCare.

    Please help! Is there any recovery that I can do?

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    If you have access to Norton Utilities or similar tool, you can "unerase" the thumb drive.

    That's my favorite first tool.


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    Thumbs up Free Undelete

    It's free, worked for me, and saved my friend's gf's vacation pictures on an SD card after said friend accidentally deleted them.

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    Didn't have Norton, but Freeundelete worked like a charm. To get the file I needed, I actually had to undelete a temp saved file and open it with word.

    Thanks, and I know my grad student thanks you too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rthomas View Post
    Freeundelete worked like a charm.

    Thanks, and I know my grad student thanks you too.
    And I bet your local 911 responder, emergency room doctors and nurses, and maybe even your undertaker are enjoying not having to provide services to you. And the grad student doesn't have to trouble the court system fighting assault and battery (or worse) charges either.
    Ozzie, your paradigm of optimism!

    Go To Hell carolina, Go To Hell!
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    Ozzie, You got it too a T.

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