Sunday's game featured the tightest rotation and the fewest lineups of any game this season - just 7 players until standing O time for Smith and Singler, combining in just 6 lineups. Andre and Seth traded minutes at the 2, Nolan and Kyle played the entire game at the 1 and 3, and the bigs went revolving door in the post spots. In part due to foul trouble, K continually rotated the front court combinations, resulting in each lineup getting at least three separate turns on the floor.

I'd be tempted to say that this looks like what will be our core rotation for the stretch run, but there are two things that could alter that a bit. First, not every game will feature a matchup that demands a big lineup the way games against UNC do. I think we'll continue to see plenty of instances of Kyle at the 4 (particularly, for example, if we end up facing Michigan and the 1-3-1). Second, of course, is Kyrie. His reappearance (if it does indeed happen) would certainly alter the rotations a bit.

On the individual front, it was a great showing for Mason, who was dynamic on offense and defense - it is his first time leading the time in +/- since the Bradley game.

Mason Plumlee 67-49 (+18)
Nolan Smith 75-58 (+17)
Kyle Singler 75-58 (+17)
Ryan Kelly 57-42 (+15)
Andre Dawkins 28-17 (+11)
Seth Curry 47-41 (+6)
Miles Plumlee 26-25 (+1)
Tyler Thornton 0-0 (0)
Josh Hairston 0-0 (0)

Per 40 Minutes
Andre Dawkins +33.8
Mason Plumlee +21.8
Ryan Kelly +21.4
Nolan Smith +17.4
Kyle Singler +17.4
Seth Curry +8.9
Miles Plumlee +2.1
Tyler Thornton 0.0
Josh Hairston 0.0

Lineups (Score, times used, margin)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Mason-Kelly (22-8, x4, +14)
Smith-Curry-Singler-Mason-Miles (16-12, x4, +4)
Smith-Curry-Singler-Mason-Kelly (27-25, x4, +2)
Smith-Curry-Singler-Kelly-Miles (4-4, x3, 0)
Thornton-Curry-Hairston-Mason-Kelly (0-0, x1, 0)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Kelly-Miles (4-5, x3, -1)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Mason-Miles (2-4, x3, -2)