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    The team defense today was a sight to behold. My favorite moment of the entire game was at about 4:40 left, Kelly cans a wide open three. But then hustles back on D. Duke fans are louder than ever. Curry SLAPPS the court! And there's a shot of Kelly yelling at the top of his lungs. Total intensity from the entire team. There was no doubt who owned that court today.

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    Who did win MVP?

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    Shot selection

    Awesome to see the drives, the mid-range jumpers which then created space for threes vs. forcing them like we did last game with UNC. THe inside game was amazing, drives were powerful. That's how you beat the Big 10 or Big East monsters over the next few weeks. Great gameplan and execution

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    Congratulations to the team for winning the ACC Championship!!! I really like the balance our offense has shown the past couple of games: Smith 20, Singler 11, Curry 11, Dawkins 9, Miles 9, Kelly 9 and Mason 6 points. When our players and the ball are moving simultaneously, we are a dynamic team. Throw in some tough team defense and we are extremely difficult to beat. Great win over the Tar Heels today.
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    Fantastic win! We are peaking at the right time after looking like we were digressing just a week ago at this time. I'm so proud of these guys!!

    Go Duke!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Utley View Post
    What a great time to have your best game of the season! The level of play reminded me of WVU in last year's FF.

    Nolan and K hugging was a special moment - so happy for him.

    Got to be a #1 with that kind of victory.
    I was also thinking that this reminded me of WVU last year in that it was such an overwhelming, outstanding performance. I commented in the Maryland thread that I didn't think the team's defense got enough stops. That certainly was not the case today. I believe the the team held UNC to 30 points or less in each half. Now that is defense. I agree with the poster here who commented if the team plays D like that, this team is a really tough out. Congratulations Duke! What a performance!
    “Those two kids, they’re champions,” Krzyzewski said of his senior leaders. “They’re trying to teach the other kids how to become that, and it’s a long road to become that.”

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    What a way to end this weekend!

    That had to be the most impressive full 40 minutes of basketball I have seen out of these guys in over a month!

    Felt really, really good to watch the effort today.

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    Again, I think the biggest move this year was putting Miles back in the starting line up. Kelly seems to be much more efficient off the bench and he doesn't clog up the perimeter to start the game. Also, Miles is pulling his best Z without the beard with the offensive boards.
    And Dre getting back into it is beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PADukeMom View Post
    Who did win MVP?

    Rest of the first team was Stitt (Clemson), Barnes and Zeller (ACC), and Kyle.

    FYI if have the game up on they will often show postgame stuff, saw the entire postgame ceremonies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilHorns View Post
    We are PEAKING.

    Nolan on Kendall was incredible. The Plumlees are playing as good as they have all year. I'm feeling good about our chances for that last #1 seed.
    Lunardi still has us a 2--hard to believe.

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    ‎2011 Men's AND Women's Basketball ACC Champions. Both over UNC. Both season ties BROKEN!!!
    About as good as a team effort you can have.

    I work at UNC now, tomorrow's going to be fun

    3 down 6 to go

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    What A Feeling!!

    What a great day it is to be a Blue Devil! An amazing game! Not only were we in control for the entire game, but the Heels can't even blame the refs or say that their players had bad games. Our defensive intensity ruled the court!! The Devil has fire in his eyes so watch out boys- it's March Madness!!

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    Extremely satisfying win! Frankly, I don't think seeding really matters, as long as we keep playing the kind of D we've seen in the last 3 games....

    and rebounding....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PADukeMom View Post
    Who did win MVP?
    Nolan! Kyle made first team too.

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    Fantastic win, the team showed me a gear I wasn't sure we'd be able to find.

    First off, we started well. What a difference, and it was keyed by the defense. They weren't getting any good looks, but they also failed to convert some easy shots. Offensively, Nolan was driving and Kyle was not settling for 3s. That created lof of inside out, balanced 3 point opportunities that we were able to knock down. Plus, we were all over the offensive boards.

    I felt like we got away from what made us successful for a lot of the second half. All of a sudden, Kyle was back to front rimming 3s and Carolina was really starting to assert itself on the offensive glass. We also went away from the ball movement and balance that had keyed the first half. I felt a Heel run coming.

    The key sequence of the game was with 5-6 minutes left when they cut it to 9. First, Nolan drove and kicked to Seth for a 3 which stopped a 5-0 Heel run. After 2 Marshall FTs, the Black Pigeon has a clean look from 3 and it went half down which would have cut the lead to 7. We come back and Kelly hits that corner 3. That was pretty much ballgame. If the Pigeon makes that 3, the crowd explodes and we have have wilted. Not on this day.

    We are looking tough. Bring on the brackets!!! We should get the #1 out West but who knows?

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    I had gotten pretty frustrated to see Miami and Clemson blow their leads and let UNC come back and win. If they had won the whole thing it would have just killed me.

    But I forgive their collapses now since we got to spank UNC in the title game. All is right =)

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    Joe Lunardi is a Tool

    There, I said it. Says Duke still a #2. Jay says Duke should be seeded above Pitt and ND.

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    That was true beauty

    My family in Ohio has turned to being UNC fans thanks to the contamination of my niece's husband. Only me and my nephew are Duke holdouts so this was truly sweet. I already called and rubbed it in. They will hate me for that but it's ok.

    Miles, Mason, Andre, Ryan, and Seth were all huge. Seth hit two big 3's and a 2 off a miss that were timely and Ryan's 3 to push it back to 16 broke their back. And what can you say about Nolan's game and Singler's defense on Barnes? Duke gets a #1 seed after that performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77devil View Post
    There, I said it. Says Duke still a #2. Jay says Duke should be seeded above Pitt and ND.
    You're right. The Bracketology 101 guy is much smarter than Joey L.

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    Roy said "experience beat talent". Ugh.

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