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    MBB: UNC 81, Duke 67 Post-Game Thread

    Post your thoughts here. And when you do, please review the posting guidelines - we had to issue a lot of infractions in the in-game thread. As a reminder, constructive criticism is welcome, but blatant bashing of the team/players/coaches is not.
    Just be you. You is enough. - K, 4/5/10, 0:13.8 to play, 60-59 Duke.

    You're all jealous hypocrites. - Titus on Laettner

    You see those guys? Animals. They're animals. - SIU Coach Chris Lowery, on Duke

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    stormin' the court Tar Heels? really?

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    and the Tar Heels storm the court...
    "Either we're going down, or they are....... Kirk out!"

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    Just for Karma's sake, I need someone to post an "It's Over" thread

    Because, as "Yo Daddy" once famously said... I have a feeling it still isn't. Not by a long shot...

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    Kendall Marshall is the real deal

    Right now, I'd give LD II a thousand dollars to come back to school

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    We just gave away the ACC Championship. I really don't believe in sharing the weath so I'm pissed.

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    just couldn't rebound with them and their athleticism advantage is really noticeable

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    The better team won tonight. If not the better, the more balanced team (inside and outside) won tonight.

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    storm the court? really?

    Anyway, can we vote to just delete this thread. We all watched the game. No need to make us more miserable than we already feel right now. It was awful and something we would all probably like to stop thinking about. ACC Tourney in 6 days. Next Play...

  10. I agree we shouldn't be bashing our own players (from the in game thread) - c'mon, we ARE better than that.

    We do need Singler to get out of his long range shooting funk. Without it, and especially since he doesn't go much inside against taller teams, we're a limited team offensively. We're simply not the same without the 2009-2010 version of Singler.

    The bigger problem though was the defense against UNC. UNC did some really clever things to take advantage of our man-to-man help defense to get the shot they wanted. We should have tried a zone even if to just throw off UNC. I hate to say this, but Roy out-coached us this time.

    Just how good is this Duke team? We've lost all of our toughest road games - Florida St, St Johns, Virginia Tech and UNC. The good news is that the NCAA tournament is played on a neutral site, but the bad news is that while these are all NCAA tournament teams, none are likely to make it past the first weekend except UNC.

    I hope we get our revenge in the ACC tournament but we need to man up to do it. - once a day on technology, gadgets and entrepreneurship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsfan View Post
    We just gave away the ACC Championship.
    or maybe (unfortunately), they're just better than us right now

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    I don't know how we got here, but we look like a team in desperate, desperate need of some coaching. Seems completely crazy, but that's how it looks.

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    On a positive note, Nolan has a POTY game with 30 pts. He is literally a one man wrecking crew with what looks to be a bunch of average players around him.

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    Good effort by the team

    Really played very hard, I'm so proud of our guys. I liked Kelly's persistance to keep on shooting through an off night. We will need that determination to go deep in the tourney.

    Let's go Duke on to the ACC tourney!!

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    Though I'm sure these will be discussed ad nauseum in here I don't want to hear about 3 point shots, rebounding, or Kyle's shooting. You only need one word to describe why Duke lost this game...Defense. It just wasn't very good tonight.

    Even still, the sky is not falling and the world is not over. This is still a very good team that has as good a chance as anybody to win the ACC and NCAA tournaments. We will go as far as our defense takes us. I just hate losing to those dang Tar Heels!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDGal View Post
    stormin' the court Tar Heels? really?
    Really -ACC Regular Season Champs - Who'da thunk it last fall.

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    We lost. That sucks. Next play.
    Bob Green
    United States Navy (Retired)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Channing View Post
    i really feel for kyle. out of nowhere his offensive game has absolutely disappeared and he has become a liability for this team. if a duke team is only going to have one player who can knock down a three, they wont get very far.

    heres hoping Singler remembers how to be an asset and Duke as a team figures out how to play a full 40 minutes of basketball.
    I don't see Kyle going out like this. Hopefully he will get his legs back for the ACCT and will be playing like Kyle Singler when it matters most.

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    Wow shocked UNC fans stormed the court. I was just telling a friend the other day the only good thing about a UNC loss was at least the fans act like they've won a game before.

    Singler is in a FUNK. I'm not sure if its confidence, pressing or something mechanical but we need the KS of old in a bad way as Nolan just cannot do it all by himself.

    Curry played well and right now he has to be our #2 option on offense. He was the ONLY player to even hit a 3 tonight.

    Our bigs were just OWNED by Zeller/Henson. They got down the floor quicker, got on the boards harder and played better defense.

    I'm afraid w/o Kyrie and/or a return of the Singler of old we are in big trouble. We just have ZERO post presence and with that being the case we need a "Big 3" on the perimeter knocking down shots to have a shot of making another deep run.

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    Seth and Nolan carried this team; Nolan looks like the NPOY to me. Other than that, I really have nothing good to say about our effort tonight, so I'm just going to stop there instead of venting. Embarrassing.

    Hope we have the chance to avenge this in the ACC tourney.

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