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    Would you go pro if you were Kyrie?

    I know some folks are getting upset about the possibility of Kyrie entering the NBA draft after the season, and it made me wonder what I would do if I were in his shoes. Obviously it's not possible for us to know all the factors that he will be weighing while making his decision, but I am curious about what you think you would do if you were Kyrie.
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    Nope...want to play a year with Austin Rivers ..wishful thinking. With that said your lifelong dream is to play in the NBA so yes I would go.

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    Yes I would go, it would be tough not to but crazier things have happened, take it from a Carolina Panthers fan who thought there was no way Andrew Luck would not put his name in the NFL draft. That one still hurts.

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    If i were his dad, and after we all sat down and weighed out the pros and cons of entering the draft and i felt like my son UNDERSTOOD the pros and cons...

    then, if he said, "dad, i really want to go back for another year....i didn't get my shot....i want a national title....i want my jersey in cameron"......

    i'd give him my blessings....

    you gonna tell me that kyle's parents are bumming over kyle staying?
    "Either we're going down, or they are....... Kirk out!"

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    Moonpie staying another year won't get his jersey retired unless he...the key word here...graduates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    i want my jersey in cameron"......
    If Elton Brand's jersey isn't in the rafters, Kyrie's won't be. Even if he comes back for another year he won't stay more than that.

    The rest of your post I agree with. If Kyrie says he really wants to come back, his Dad probably says OK. What none of us know is if Kyrie has any notion at all to say such a thing.

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    i didn't say anything about him staying only one more year.....
    "Either we're going down, or they are....... Kirk out!"

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    I voted no, but I don't like the NBA. So it was not a fair vote. Go Duke!

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    Despite being a likely top five pick, I say no, but only because of the NBA lockout. Any other year, I'd say go for it if you're that high.

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    The lockout would scare me if I was in Kyrie's shoes. All things considered, I'd take out an insurance policy on my career and come back to Duke for one more season. That way, he'd get another year to develop, the NBA labor situation would be resolved, and he would still likely be a top 5 draft pick.
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    If I were a junior, I would stay another year and graduate. If I were a freshman and a top 5 pick. I'd have to bounce.

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    Nope ... Wouldn't go.

    Kyrie's Kyrie and, obviously, needs to make the best decision for him. But, I know how much I loved college ... Loved being at Duke. I've also read far too many interviews with NBA players who basically say the last time they had fun was in college.

    It's a magical time that will never return. Just ask Kyle.

    The chance to play with AR ... Have more time with K ... Spend another year learning and exploring life ... Fighting for a championship.

    Plus, the 8 games would haunt me. I'd feel like Moonlight Graham. Imagine having that much talent and only getting a sip of the magic water of college basketball.

    To me, coming back would be a no-brainer. But, that's just me.

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    Money talks. I'm sure he'll have all the info he needs on what he should do when the time arrives. I'd love to see him back, but I can't begrudge a kid for getting rich and achieving a lifelong goal.

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    Another year would tend to make tou think that would mean 1 more year. Dad I want to graduate means staying longer.

    I do think staying would benefit his game because he would be learning from the master but eventually all grasshoppers have to leave the nest even if we don't want them to.

    Not nit-picking on you Moonpie It's just that I have been off coffee for 4 weeks. Today I stopped at the mini mart & got a wiff & wanted a cup so bad. This vitamin water isn't cutting it today.

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    As the thread states, if I were in Kyrie's shoes, I would have to leave. As much as I (Kyrie) loves Duke and as much as I (Kyrie) want to play with one of my best friends and be coached by the greatest living bball coach, the guarantee of millions would just be too much. And, although I (Kyrie) understand the unlikelihood of another season-ending injury, the name "Robbie Hummel" would give me enough incentive to not risk a career-ending injury.

    But, as I am not Kyrie Irving and I too loved college, I would... tough choice.
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    I would come back so I could enjoy being the subject of threads that addressed whether I should leave after my 2nd or 3rd years of eligibility

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    I would hope that I would approach my life without fear for the unknown. Knowing that the NBA is a business, and assuming I believe in my abilities to take me there, I would come back so I could experience college for at least another year. I imagine that this year has been so frustrating for Kyrie, he will feel an emptiness in his heart for what he had planned on doing. Sitting on the sidelines and being an honorary coach is great and all, but it pales in comparison to the "whole" experience of playing for a championship.

    We talk on here a lot about the "second" contract being so much more important than the first. Why not stay another year learning from the best coach in the game? In college, your growth as a player and teammate is more like being in the classroom whereas when you get to the NBA, it's more on-the-job training where you're on your own and you can only rely on yourself. Both types of learning are important, and it would be helpful to have enough of both to complement your "basketball" education.

    Plus, one more year in college means one more year closer to that degree which would make it that much easier to come back and earn it after your playing career is over.

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    I voted no. Once you leave for the draft, you'll never experience college basketball again (and it's not like he experienced much this year). I also would try my best to have my jersey retired. Having your jersey retired at a school like Duke says a lot. Lastly, graduation. You wouldn't have to worry about completing your education for several summers or after your career and fully focus on improving in the league.

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    This subject has come up in many threads. If it were me, I would stay in school. However, I loved being a student, had a lot of fun. And if I were good enough to play collegiate athletics at a high level, and even be considered as a high pro draft, I would still stay. I think of college athletics as a lot of work, but fun. Pro ball, however, is a job. No matter how good you are or how much money you make, it is still a job. Now that I am retired, I look back and can say that I really liked college and grad school. Later, my job, while great, was still a job.
    Now, we can't get into Kyrie's head (or even his boot!). We don't know all the factors in the decision he must make. I certainly have no idea whether he likes school a lot, or it is just OK. I have no idea how important money and fame is to him.
    For all the above, I don't see how I could possibly make a reasonable decision about what he will/should do. He should do whatever seems like the best course of action for him. I hope he stays.

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    At age 19, yes.

    From my current perspective (3 x a few)---No
    More weight to the plus side of college life and the bond with Coach K and teammates

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