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    Marshall Plumlee on TV

    For those of you in the Winston Salem and Greensboro area, they are showing Christ school vs Forsyth Country day on channel 48 WMYV

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    I forgot to say they are on right now I guess it started at 6:30

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    How did he do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke: A Dynasty View Post
    How did he do?
    Not sure of his numbers, but here's a tweet from Paul Biancardi:

    "Marshall Plumlee continues to improve -getting more comfortable w/ back 2 basket."

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    I watched some of the game on WMYA which we get in Greenville, SC. It was hard to tell much about the younger Plumlee while I was watching the game since it was such a mismatch. Christ Church was blitzing the other team. They stole the ball, drove with impunity, rained threes from the outside. It didn't help that the other team's point guard, Lewis, sprained an ankle early. The score was something like 34-14 at the end of the first quarter when I tuned out. Marshall had half a dozen points and several rebounds at that time.

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    Marshall had 17/13 in a rout over a mediocre opponent. Marshall won't be on any lottery projections for awhile. A bit less athletic than his bros, he is a back-to-basket player, with some good fundamentals. He's a plus for Duke, probably soph year and after.

    As noted on other thread [Cook, Gbinije, Plumlee....], you can see him up close and personal in CIS on Fri eve 2/11, 7:30, v. Quinn Cook's team, or, if not near CIS, on ESPN2.

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    One of my friends is a coach for the Forsyth Country Day JV team and helps the coaches of their varsity team. This was his analysis from last night,
    "We got WHOOPED by Christ School. Plumlee looks better than last year, but still steps out of bounds and travels when he posts up. I can’t picture him as a contributor at the ACC level. We got beat by their guards. They shot the hell out of the ball. Sven got posterized on one dunk from the guard going to BYU… not pretty."

    I'm sure Marshall will contribute, but he just needs to keep working very hard on his fundamentals. I'm thrilled he's coming to Duke, and can't wait to see Plum-three.

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