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    #1 Irving Blue Nike Jersey

    Do you already have the blue Nike #1 Irving Jersey. Is the jersey the authentic game jersey, I think they were once called swingman jersey. Does the jersey have the gothic logo on the back? and do you have size XXL.
    I would appreciate your help. Fellow DUKE fans in the NC Mountains

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    Quote Originally Posted by m g View Post
    had to?
    I'm assuming she meant her daughter outgrew it (and not that she needed the cash to pay the rent).

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    Quote Originally Posted by InSpades View Post
    I'm assuming she meant her daughter outgrew it (and not that she needed the cash to pay the rent).
    HAHA! Yes! My daughter is now 3 and she is off the charts for her age (in terms of height).
    I personally hope she's a 6'3 left-handed point guard....should be tough to guard in Women's bball.

    The jersey is a size 2T and she wore it the past 2 winters. I'm currently looking to get a new one, but Maddie can't decide if Nolan or Kyle is her favorite player. I can't seem to find any except through the Duke catalog.

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    After checking several different locations during my visit to Duke this weekend, I was lucky enough to get the last medium in white at the Briar Creek Raleigh Dick's.

    Today, I went to The Duck Store on Ninth Street in Durham and they both the white and also the blue #1 (Kyrie) jerseys with the Gothic back and stitched numbers. Their size selection (and overall selection of Duke and Nike apparel) was by far the best of all the stores we had been to combined (Duke bookstore, Duke Team Store, Dick's, etc). I was kinda bummed because I really wanted a small jersey and the team hoody at other stores and I settled for a medium, only to find after taking the tags off that The Duck Store had all the sizes.

    I had Kyrie sign my jersey after the game and he was surprised his jersey was on sale. He got a kick out of it.

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    I am at Duke this weekend. Neither the Duke bookstore nor the Duke Nike Team Store have the new HyperElite #1 jerseys (BTW, since at this point Kyrie has never worn this exact jersey (we started wearing them against Maryland) and the Blue Devil has, it is technically the Blue Devil's jersey -- hopefully that will change). Anyway, the Duck Shop does have a lot of the new jerseys and didn't realize that the Duke Store didn't have them. Since they are a Duke business (as opposed to Dick's), I would recommend getting them there. They are in blue and white (it appears they were not made in black). They also have the new HyperElite shorts in blue and white. For all intents and purposes the HyperElite swingman jerseys are the same as the jerseys the players wear, except for the tagging. Prior 'swingman" jerseys were not nearly as authentic.
    Mike Stein
    Trinity '97, Tent #1 '97

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