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Adding James Young to the list of potentials for 2013, the list, compiled from posts and tweets of others -- meaning it's likely incomplete -- looks like this:

Julius Randle, 6'9" 225 out of Texas. Superstar, plays on same AAU team with Matt Jones, which can't be a bad thing.
Austin Nichols, 6'8" 200 out of Tennessee. Both sides appear very interested.
Marcus Lee, 6'9" 220, California

Jabari Parker 6'8" 220, Chicago. Superstar.
Andrew Wiggins 6'7" 200 out of Canada, possible to reclassify from 2014. Everyone wants him.
Ish Wainwright 6'5" 220 out of Missouri. We're really pushing on him, and the positive vibes appear to be mutual.
Semi Ojeleye 6'6" 220 out of Kansas
Tyrone Outlaw, 6'6", 190, North Carolina
James Young, 6'5", 200 out of Michigan. Blew up recently. Already stated he likes Michigan State, but Duke and Kentucky are his "dream schools." However, also says Kentucky is his leader at this point.

BeeJay Anya 6'8" 265 out of DeMatha. Haven't heard anything about him lately though. Are we actually recruiting him?

Cat Barber 6'2" 165 out of Hampton
Tyler Ennis 6'2" 180, Canada

Allerik Freeman 6'3" 195, local kid from North Carolina. We're hot on his trail.
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Thanks so much for keeping these lists updated. I wonder if there is a way to keep some sort of a ticker at the top of the board, although I imagine not.

Curious about Anya. I'm not certain we're formally recruiting him, although I would love it if we were. Does anyone know for certain what our status is with him?
Ok guys, I took Tommy's list, pulled some data for each recruit and pasted into a table in the first post of this thread. Please check to let me know if I missed anyone or captured any data incorrectly and I will make the updates. If everyone likes this, I will do the same for 2014, and with each update to the list, I will edit the title of the thread to "Updated On "today's date" to alert everyone that something has been added or changed.

Take a look and let me know what you guys think. Thanks!