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Fibber? Fibber? You calling me a fibber?

Your fastuous fulmination leaves me frowning, flat-footed, foresaken, fractured, fuming, frazzled, feral, flummoxed, frivolous, felled, flabergasted, fuddled, flagitious, frustrated, four-flushed, flattened, feckless, fugued, flensed, fricaseed, fussy, and even futzed, but, as always, facetious and a bit fatuous and flatulent.

Frankly, the quibbling over who predicted how many minutes Kyle will play at the "4" is devisive. Coach K tends to play his best players the most, and to do that, Kyle will have to spend time at the four to allow for 3 other perimeter players. Seth and Dre are earning their time on the court, and it appears that will continue. I think Miles and Ryan will earn some of that time back as the season progresses, particulalry in the tournament when the games slow down and each possession more critical.

What is truly a marvel is that Coach K is like MacGyver let loose in Home Depot, an Army surplus store, and a chemical supply warehouse. With Kyle starting at the "3" and then sliding to the "4" after 5 or so minutes, how does the other team adjust? Coach K can bring waves of speed with Kyrie, Nolan, and Seth. He can place shooters at every spot on the floor. He can throw any type of defender one could imagine onto the floor. He can signal lightning attacks on the basket, with Kyrie, Nolan, Seth and Andre charging light light calvarly into befuddled infantry. It is truly a joy to watch.

And yet, Coach K seems intent on developing more weapons. Mason has the talent to be a high post threat, which requires hitting a jump shot from the foul line or higher. This will pull the defender out to give Mason room to drive (he is quicker than most bigs who will guard him) and will open the lane for the rest of the team to drive. This will be particularly important when teams start to zone us. The high post is a key (excuse the pun) spot in attacking zones, and Mason appears to be the man for the job.
Doesn't flabbergasted have two b's? But I agree with everything else you said.

Against Princeton, we appeared to be using Kyle in the high post seam in the zone, and to a lesser extent Ryan. But with Mason's passing ability it's a good spot for him, too.