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    When he's talking about absolutely anything other than Duke, I can tolerate him and have found him very funny. But his irrational utter hate for Duke is too much to bear and keeps me from really saying that I like the man.

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    He's weak now. As an example, he made some dumb comment on a chat about how Tiger Woods' comeback would be the hardest of any athlete in memory, something like that. When everyone called him on it, citing the obstacles Muhammad Ali faced, he proceeded to write a billion-word column that was pathetic at best, asinine at worst, arguing an indefensible point because he absolutely could not be wrong.

    Then there's this opus about how baseball stinks now since the Red Sox aren't good enough to make the playoffs.

    The sad part is that he really does have a good understanding of the NBA. But branch him out past that, and it's a crapshoot. The thing is, he doesn't recognize that, viewing himself as a sort of sports pope, while his shtick has grown increasingly tired. As sick as he claims to be about hearing about Duke, the rest of the world is just as sick of the Red Sox, the Patriots, his father, the aforementioned Vegas trips, 90210, etc.

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