Guys, I'm not all for causes, but good ol' WalMart is trying to build yet another box store in Durham... a solid 1.9 miles away from thier other giant box store in Durham. Yay!

What's absolutely horrendous about this is that they are trying to plant this thing across the street from a large residential area with a preschool, and an elementary school. Additionally, the proposed site is in a huge wetland / green space... you know, one of the few spots in Durham that still has trees and forrest.

If you are a Durham resident, and you don't feel the need for yet another WalMart, yet more destruction of our environment, and yet more destruction of the Durham economy, please take a minute to sign this petition:

If you'd like to do it in person, you can find the group next to Primrose School on Roxboro Rd. in Hope Valley Farms on June 2nd from 10-1 and on June 16th from 10-1.

Please help out... we don't need another big box WalMart in Durham!