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    Quote Originally Posted by El_Diablo View Post
    Yep, understood. But if people were to read that and tune in at 5pm, it wouldn't matter that they had tuned in at the approximate time...they would have just plain missed it.

    And of course, it might happen earlier in the show...
    The show's teaser indicates it will be during the show

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    It'd be a great get. Hope he brings a Duke cap like KI did. Doesn't feel like HB day or KI day, but I'm excited to hear of the announcement. I'll be at work on the left coast, so I'll have to hear it here or wait.

    Where are we on the bigs for 2012? We'll need some help there, as much as I love the guard recruits and agree that you need a strong backcourt to win a NC. Caleb Tarczewski? Andre Drummond?

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    New Bern, NC unless it's a home football game then I'm grilling on Devil's Alley
    They say it's coming up after this break.
    Mmmm, BBQ!

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    Which probably means 4:55 so they can keep the viewers.

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    Quinn Cook commits to.... Duke!!!

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    Nolan Smith mystery redshirt year?

    From the Washington Post

    "Quinn Cook set to announce his choice

    Guard Quinn Cook, the All-Met Player of the Year last season while a junior at DeMatha, will announce his college choice today at 5 p.m.

    It is expected that Cook, who previously narrowed his choices to Duke, UCLA and Villanova, will pledge to Duke, where he would join close friend Nolan Smith.

    Cook is now a senior at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va. "

    Joining Nolan Smith?????

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    He's coming to duke!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ol' roy finished in the top three!

    Too bad he didn't try harder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke: A Dynasty View Post
    Quinn Cook commits to.... Duke!!!
    YESS!! Take that UNC! Woot- Woot!!! Ok I know im rambling but this really excites me!!!
    Change the thread title.

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    4:50- "Next year I will be playing basketball at Duke University".

    The beat is rolling on-

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    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.

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    Quinn, you couldn't have made a better choice.

    Another great player and great kid in the truck. Thank you Coach K and staff.

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    WooHoo! Next PG in the bag. This thread needs a title change, NOW!!!!! YAY!!!!
    Pratt '09
    GO DUKE!

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    The rich get richer. Duke is the hottest program in the country. Go from a lack of guards last season to more than enough over the next couple of years. Duke is King!!
    The Terrapin Assassin

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilHorns View Post
    Regarding Kyrie staying/leaving. "Not a big factor." "If he stays, then I get to play against the best point guard in the nation every day in practice."
    I was very impressed with his answer to this. He showed a lot of maturity, saying it was a "win, win" situation for him, whether Kyrie stays or not.

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    New Bern, NC unless it's a home football game then I'm grilling on Devil's Alley
    Welcome to Duke, Quinn. Loved his quote "When you think college basketball, you think Duke".
    Mmmm, BBQ!

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    Not a bad backcourt for next year!!! Quinn and Austin!

    Though I can't imagine an all freshman starting backcourt:

    Welcome to Duke Quinn!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajgoodfella7 View Post
    I guess Evan Daniels knew this story all day and was keeping it to himself. Honorable of him. Here is an interview with Quinn about picking Duke.
    I <3 Austin:
    “What really won me over and was a big factor was that Austin [Rivers] told me he wanted me to be his point guard,” Cook said. “Just hearing that from a player of that caliber really stood out to me. I just can’t wait to get up there.”

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    Time for a new thread!

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