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With the 9th pick in the 2012 draft the XXXXXXXX PANTHERS take

Riley Rieff O LINE..

Ok, not the direction I might like to see them go but I think there is a chance it could be Rieff.

I'd like to see us go Defense backfield(Claiborne will be gone ).. Wide Reciever ( Floyd, ND might fit well ) ,, some are looking for defensive line,, Tackle maybe , stop the run..

I've read comments by Beason, and Anderson, both implying the Defense would be ok,, and Beason saying don't be upset about the draft no matter who we pick.. That could be read as,, we're going to pick an offensive player.. we'll see..

So the panthers have needs at O line, D line, WR, and corner. Therefore, with the 9th pick in the draft, they select...

Another Linebacker.


I get that he may have been the best on the board, but you have some serious holes to fill in all the other areas. Now you're looking at having to sit either your new LB, Davis, Beason, or Anderson. Granted, that's a good problem to have, but still. My take is that I think that Davis is done and they don't expect him back. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

Personally I would have probably gone DT, but then again I don't own an NFL franchise so what the heck do I know.