Not only did Otha not play, the losses of Muhammed and Hoover and even Bridges have really hurt the ruinning game. I feel bad for Stevie as he has to consider what the rest of his career is going to look like and if he'll ever have a QB qho can get him the ball like Jake did.

For a team that seemingly was so close last year I can't believe they have fallen off so far. I still think the Defense is really good, as well as the running backs. The OI-Line has been putrid in pass blocking and the run. Jordan Gross might be the most over rated of them. We could have used Otah, but without any sort of passinbg attack any team can put 9 in the box and load up.

I personally don't mind Foxy, and it seems he has distanced himself from some of the personnel decisions made during the offseason and draft.

We picked up Gilbet as a FA, so the worst draft choice we had would have to be Jason Peters...a DL out of Oklahoma or Nebraska...but agaibn, he at least was on the field. Should we pull a Delango v. Falcons ala 2007 and have someone direct snap the ball to Armanti like we did against the Falcons? Seven straight running plays, and we actually won that game! That was the precursor to the Wildcat. Who knew Henning had that much creativity? Makes one wonder whether Jeff Davidson is responsible for the vanilla offense or if it is Fox, or even higher up.

We have a young core that could be good in a couple of years, but we deperately need a veteran QB to lead the team for a while. I just don't think Clausen is going to get much better, but at least he is going to get some on the job training the rest of the year.

Watching our offense is truly least I've got my Sunday's back and never have to decide whether to watch College BBall or the Pampers.