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I think it's time for a try-out under fire season, to set the stating QB question to rest. I'm not sold on Clausen being able to move this offense.
Edwards was only in to run the 'Wildcat'.
Is there something wrong with Pike? He nearly always seemed to be cool under pressure last year at UC. He certainly has the right height for the job.
It seems like that at least a third of Clausen's tosses are getting knocked down. That's only if his shot were to be on target. He's gettin' booed.

Kasey still has the leg for his job.
Clausen ain't the answer. Moore did just what I expected him to do in his chance to redeem himself. They need somebody, but whoever that somebody is ain't on the team. Edwards would have been a better choice than either of those two..they should give him more reps. Hell, they should go talk to the Rams and hire Thad.