Anyone interested in some Panthers talk? I dont know of any site with a board like this for the Panthers so I thought it would be cool to start a thread here and see if anyone is interested... I know I dont have any control but I'd prefer that only serious Panther fans join in converstion with thier opinions and any cool information they find about the team on the net or in the paper.

Some subjects to touch on:

What do you guys think our record will be? I think we go 10-6 this year. Everyone is doubting them but I honestly think the running game and Jake Delhomme not turning the ball over 3-4 times a game can get us into the playoffs... (easy schedual cant hurt either)

Matt Moore: Is he the guy? I think so. Not a big Clausen fan as of now, I really like Moore's game and I'm rooting for him to take the starting job and never look back.

John Fox: Is he too conservative? IMO, yes but now that he has his style in place (very strong running game) I think he and the team can be competitive.

Overall Direction of the Team: Cutting all the veterans and salary to make room for the youth movement

Defense: Do you think they will be good with Peppers and Harris gone and Thomas Davis going down with a serious injury.

Feel free to jump in...