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    Sample Bracket 3/4/07

    Somebody on here asked for access to my Duke-centered bracketology blog. Since it's not publicly available and I have other personal stuff on there, I would prefer to post some of the content instead. I welcome constructive criticism.

    1.WI 2. FL 3. MD 4. NV
    8. BC 7. AZ 6. BYU 5. TN
    9. Villa. 10. TTU 11. Winth. 12. FSU
    16. NEC 15. MAAC 14. MAC 13. Davidson

    1. KS 2. UNC 3. Pitt 4. SILL
    8. KY 7. Btlr. 6. Vandy 5. Duke
    9. MSU 10. Stan. 11. ODU 12. IL
    16. PIG 15. Belmt. 14. ORU 13. WR.ST.

    1. OSU 2.TAMU 3. WSU 4. Lou
    8. USC 7. Crght. 6. ND 5. VT
    9. AFA 10. Syr. 11. GT 12. AL
    16. MEAC 15. SLND 14. BWST 13. AEST

    1. UCLA 2. Gtwn 3. Mem. 4. TX
    8. Marq. 7. OR 6. UVA 5. UNLV
    9. IN 10. Xav. 11. VCU 12. WCC
    16. BSKY 15. Penn. 14. HC 13. SNBLT

    A couple thoughts: I tend to be a contrarian from published brackets and the media. I think TN and AZ are underseeded. TN has a great RPI/SOS and lost 3 games without their top scorer. They've won several in a row since he's returned. AZ is similar and has won 3 road games in a row.

    As much as the media makes fun of the SEC West, those teams are better than they're given credit for this year. I think Alabama is probably in at 8-8 over Purdue, KSU, or WVU.

    The first big bubble upset will be Wright State stealing a bid at the Nutter Center (WSU home court) from Butler. Butler should move down to an 8 if they do.

    BYU is seeded differently than I would because of the publicity for Sunday games a couple years ago. That means they would play in the east or west regionals and play in Buffalo, Winston, Lexington, or Sacramento. I flipped AZ and BYU because of it.

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    i agree that arizona is being discounted too much by the "experts." when i think of them, unc getting dunk after dunk comes to mind. however, if you look at who they have beaten, it is pretty impressive:

    sd st
    stanford (twice)
    washingston (twice)

    yes, they have lost a lot of games but they all were to teams that are either very good or good (ie, no bad losses).

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