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I'll respond more later (I have a meeting to run to) but again, I think you are drawing conclusions from what I am saying that I am not really intending. I CERTAINLY don't think teachers necessarily work harder than anyone else. I do, however, think they are barely properly compensated for their work, and I do think it is a job that will basically chew up and spit out anyone who approaches it without a willingness to put in a lot of extra work. I think you also have a somewhat unrealistic view about tenure and the rest. .. but I'll maybe explain it more later

Unfortunately, as you note, both my wife and I are teachers, and living in a very expensive state (although off in the mountains and woods of that state so what is happening right now in education is a very "important" issue for us both, especially moving forward as she might be out of work to have a child soon and then go back into the system as a "new" hire, where a lot of the "damage" is being done. Apparently we are about to discuss a potential pay freeze as well at the meeting I am running off to... good fun!

I honestly will try to cut back any snarky-ness that peeks through; just know that if it does, it is very much tied into my family situation and that I do view teaching as a very "noble" profession
I'll take your "snarkiness" as a teacher and your dedication to the job over InSpades apparant disrespect for the profession anyday.

He also is basing many of his observations on things that are no longer true, are myths, or are exagerated. And since he does not work in education , and I have been a teacher, school system administator, university instructor at a school of education and an educational resaercher I have a feeling I am more correct than is he. I also have a feeling he doesn't care who is right or wrong, that he just has a bone to pick with the teaching profession, and he is best ignored.