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    Kyle Singler was absolutely ICE (and MVP)--what a performance!

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    I'm so proud of these guys. They worked and worked and worked, and here we are.


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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    i need a cardiologist
    Me Too!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilHorns View Post
    Im crying and i dont care to admit it!!!!
    Don't sweat it bro, my eyes were flowing as well!!! My nerves are fried. What a game!!!

    Congrats to the 2010 National Champion Duke Blue Devils!!!!

    To our Seniors: Guys you rock!!!

    The Carolina Way:
    169 student-athletes had at least 1 semester where the grade in their paper class either pushed or kept their GPA above 2.0. At least 1 semester each of those students had recalculated GPA (excluding the paper class grade(s))below a 2.0. This includes 123 FB players, 15 Men's BB players. 81 students earned degrees from Chapel Hill whose recalculated final GPA excluding the grade(s) from their paper class or classes was less than the 2.0 required to graduate.

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    props to Butler, they played a helluva game. They should not hang their head in shame.

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    At a loss for words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkidd31 View Post
    Huge F/T by Z...I would have looked to make the 2nd F/T and fouled on the inbounds. Oh well I'll take the result
    It looked like he missed it on purpose almost? Even though Butler had no TOs left....

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    Thumbs up Incredible

    I could not be prouder of a Duke team. All the experts thought that Duke's best years were behind them, but in reality this was our finest hour.

    And I hope we start scheduling Butler in a home and home series. They deserve it.

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    Yes baby YES

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    great game. great feeling. awesome.

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    SCRAPPY...that is what this team is....finding a way to win all year....

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    Who really was thinking back in November that this was a championship team. If there were any questions as to whether K is the best coach in the business this should put it to rest. People love to hate Duke and that is why I will wear something that says Duke tomorrow and maybe the next day as well. What a team, what a coach. Great performance. Hat off to Butler but I love my Dukies!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34dukegal View Post
    no longer a fan of purposely missing the free throw at the end, so close to having cost us the game
    Agree...I do not understand why Zoubek purposedly missed it. Had he made it the worst that could happened would have been an overtime game. Also Butler had no time outs left.

    Could someone with more basketball acumen than me, explain the strategy in missing the free throw

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    I can't believe how I am feeling right now, floating on air. Way to go boys !!!!!!!!!

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    that sounded like he was leaving, please God no

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    Never. Been. Prouder

    4 time National Champions

    1991, 1992, 2001, 2010



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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    Never. Been. Prouder

    4 time National Champions

    1991, 1992, 2001, 2010



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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilHorns View Post
    It looked like he missed it on purpose almost? Even though Butler had no TOs left....
    He definitely missed it on purpose, it was a line drive shot, not his normal free throw.

    Smart play in my opinion - prevents a set-up for a Laettner shot, only 3.5 seconds left, and there may well be a couple of seconds elapsed as people scramble for the rebound, and the Butler players will not be in a coordinated position for a last shot.

    Great coaching move, IMO.

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    Still in shock. When Butler had the ball on the last possession with 13 seconds to go, I was about to die; they were supposed to win right, like in the movies? But it wasn't! It was the Brian Zoubek movie! The Zoubster wins the game!

    Great game by both teams; we played well, hard to believe it was so close.
    Indeed, of all of them, this was K's best coaching job, hands down. What an ending.

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