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    Bristol can't be happy. Too bad for them.

    We haven't won a title since a few minutes ago.

    Congrats Champs!!! Great game Butler!

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    Coach K is a god among men.

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    How sweet it is baby

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    OMG! OMG! OMG! I cant believe it! Way to hang tough guys! LETS GO DUKE! LETS GO DUKE!

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    Zoobs won this game with his D at the end. I'm glad for Nolan that missed layup did come to haunt him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welcome2DaSlopes View Post
    Hey! It's bootiful. But that's okay, it's championship night, so who cares about spelling! Boo Yeah!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC Duke Fan View Post
    Agree...I do not understand why Zoubek purposedly missed it. Had he made it the worst that could happened would have been an overtime game. Also Butler had no time outs left.

    Could someone with more basketball acumen than me, explain the strategy in missing the free throw
    Butler had no timeouts left and there were only 3.6 seconds left. It was right percentage play. If he makes it, they get the ball out of bounds and can run something resembling a play. As it was, they had a desperation heave. The odds of that shot going in were minuscule. Even if he'd made it, I would've said it was the right call. I agreed with it when I saw Z miss the FT on purpose.

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    Almost had a heart attack on tha tlast shot...After this team is over can we possibly be retiring 3 Jerseys.,. Scheyer, Smith, and Singler.

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    New Bern, NC unless it's a home football game then I'm grilling on Devil's Alley
    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mmmm, BBQ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
    He definitely missed it on purpose, it was a line drive shot, not his normal free throw.

    Smart play in my opinion - prevents a set-up for a Laettner shot, only 3.5 seconds left, and there may well be a couple of seconds elapsed as people scramble for the rebound, and the Butler players will not be in a coordinated position for a last shot.

    Great coaching move, IMO.
    Disagree....make it...go up 3 foul on the inbounds and make them make the 1st FT, miss the second then have to get the rebound and make a play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by micah75 View Post
    Hey! It's bootiful. But that's okay, it's championship night, so who cares about spelling! Boo Yeah!!!!
    I'm too excited to spell right... hahahah NATIONAL CHAMPIONS BABY!!!!!!!

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    Beat a very tough team

    Congratulations to a determined tough Duke team who beat a very worthy opponent to get this championship. Savor it, because it might be a long time before another one. I am thankful that we had such wonderful young men to represent the school.

    I am also thankful that I won't have to see 10,000 commericals during the NCAAs again. The buggers couldn't even show the presentation of the trophy without breaking in three times for commercials.

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    Lousiest one shining moment ever---why should we be watching Jennifer Hudson instead of great plays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyMtDevil View Post
    that sounded like he was leaving, please God no
    What did? I am not able to watch it right now.

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    I am so glad to see Jennifer Hudson 20 times during "One Shining Moment" I guess there weren't enough moments in this tournament. CBS has jumped the shark with Tournament Coverage with Nance, Clarke, and new shining moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaDukie View Post
    I'm leaving for vacation in Spain on Friday, and I'm sure the Spaniards will wonder why I'm grinning like an idiot. It's because my school is the best in the nation, baby!

    As for Butler, they gave a valiant effort, were tough as nails, and should be incredibly proud of their performance. I have all the respect in the world for them, and if they weren't playing us, I would have been rooting so hard for them to cut down those nets. But I'm glad it was us in the end. Whew!
    6am here in Seville (Spain) and I'm ready to go running through the streets with a ridiculous grin on my face that probably won't stop for days. I'll break them in for you!

    So, so, so, so happy...and so tired but I can't sleep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    i need a cardiologist
    Most stressful game I've ever seen! I was shaking the entire second half.

    See you all in Cameron at noon tomorrow!

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    Watching carolina Go To HELL!


    Congratulations to the NATIONAL CHAMPION DUKE BLUE DEVILS!
    Ozzie, your paradigm of optimism!

    Go To Hell carolina, Go To Hell!
    9F 9F 9F

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    What a game! My hats off to Butler! They deserved it every bit as much as we did. Best title game since '83! It all came down to who made the last defensive play and Zoubek got the hand up in Hayward's face!

    Singler was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Our beloved Coach K said it all: two great teams, both winners in every facet of the game (and life, for that matter), a marvelous championship game, absolutely great student athletes, a superb Duke season, our FOURTH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, I LOVE this team.

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