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    Quote Originally Posted by goingfor#4 View Post' mo'!!!!
    time to change your namee!!!!!

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    I'm sorry the etiquette of bball doesn't allow what should happen to happen: the Duke guys invite the Butler guys to center court, and all hold up hands together.

    The Butler story is great.

    No losers tonight.

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    Yesir!!!!!!!!!!WHORAAHHHHHHH Yeah

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    I'm leaving for vacation in Spain on Friday, and I'm sure the Spaniards will wonder why I'm grinning like an idiot. It's because my school is the best in the nation, baby!

    As for Butler, they gave a valiant effort, were tough as nails, and should be incredibly proud of their performance. I have all the respect in the world for them, and if they weren't playing us, I would have been rooting so hard for them to cut down those nets. But I'm glad it was us in the end. Whew!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbb03 View Post
    how did nolan miss that lay up. that would have sealed the game
    i can't believe z missed that ft on purpose.
    did u see that screen on singler on the last play?!?

    congrats boys!!!
    courage and heart.

    great game by butler too.
    That screen looked like a crack-back block in the NFL.

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    That is all!

    This team faced every challenge, every opponent, every hurdle, in the face of a whole nation cheering against it and came out on top. You just can't say enough about how great these guys have been. The growth from the beginning of the season to the end, the recoveries from setbacks, the toughness in the face of physical, brutish play, the mental toughness to stay focused on the goal and stick together.

    To quote Ronnie Lott, Man, isn't it great!


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    Just an unbelievable game. Hats off to Butler. As good as advertised. And nearly as mentally tough as we are. Nearly.

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    People talk about the Hoosiers comparison with Butler, okay.

    But there is another story here worthy of a Hollywood movie, and that is the story of a young man not the most athletically gifted, plagued by injuries, stung by criticism from even the closest quarters, who perservered. And perservered. And perservered.

    And on the biggest stage in college basketball found vindication and so became an object lesson for young people everywhere that the biggest ingredients in success are often hard work and grit.


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    I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!! Yeah baby

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    What a way to celebrate our last day together. Good ******* I'm going to miss this senior class. So much love. GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just be you. You is enough. - K, 4/5/10, 0:13.8 to play, 60-59 Duke.

    You're all jealous hypocrites. - Titus on Laettner

    You see those guys? Animals. They're animals. - SIU Coach Chris Lowery, on Duke

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    In the bag all the way. Never any concern.

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    It's so great that one of the most likeable teams I have ever been a fan of won the national championship. From where these guys came from 4 years ago, it says so much about the character and class of Scheyer, LT and Z to stick with and believe in each other enough to get to this moment in time. Hopefully, our Jrs., Sophs and Freshmen will be able to carry this with them into next year. Hopefully they know how to spell "repeat"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Im soooo happpyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Quick Smells Like French Toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by House G View Post
    That screen looked like a crack-back block in the NFL.
    Glad I'm not the only one...when they show it again watch Howard extend his arms out. Kyle is lucky he wasn't hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genedoc View Post
    In the bag all the way. Never any concern.
    Agreed...never in doubt, right?

    Thanks to everyone on this board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genedoc View Post
    In the bag all the way. Never any concern.

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    Thankyou Brian... for the free throws.

    Thankyou Jon... for the free throws.

    Thankyou team.

    Great season! I am so proud.

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    This team GREW more ...

    ... than any I've seen. They were not great when they started, but they sure were when it was over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Bear. View Post
    I said it in the other thread, but congratulations from Baylor Nation! We were cheering hard for you guys! Very well deserved.
    Thanks for the congrats, Cheshire Bear. Very classy of you, and we appreciate it.

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