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    Quote Originally Posted by tombrady View Post
    what a choke job...seriously, the previous largest comeback ever was 5 goals...
    In an NCAAT game, or what?

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    The site said that one of the players, Carolyn Davis, was "carted off" late in the game. Any details as to what happened?


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishoke View Post
    Don't forget, lacrosse can be essentially playing "make it - take it" by winning the face offs after each score.
    I totally understand that idea, but I only follow lacrosse as a fan who tries to figure out the rules and strategy without asking anyone's opinion. It keeps the sport very fresh for me, but it completely limits me from making actual comments about the game.

    Which is why I asked the question. I could think of a number of ways that the team didn't stall but wanted to give Ozzie a chance to explain. Maybe he's a lacrosse expert or heard something the rest of us did not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavabe View Post
    The site said that one of the players, Carolyn Davis, was "carted off" late in the game. Any details as to what happened?

    I heard that she was a defender and had an ACL issue. And that UVA's run started soon afterwards. But, it's all third hand info.

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    Duke should offer Northwestern's coach the womens lacrosse job. Even with Kimel's ineptitude, Duke's academics and athletic reputation draw the best recruits. Northwestern isn't anywhere near any decent recruits but they dominate Duke and Kimel. Obviously academics are the only thing lacrosse recruits look for with the success of Hopkins, Northwestern, Princeton, Cornell, Georgetown, UVA, Duke, etc., and coaching that doesn't suck, and Duke is the top school that offers scholarships with the worst coach. Does Kimel consider herself a good coach or have some sort of explanation for why schools like UMD, Northwestern, and UVA have much better programs? What next, will NC Central have a better program too?

    Interesting that Northwestern is in the womens softball world series while Duke doesn't even have a team. Duke should be dominating baseball and softball like Rice, Stanford, Northwestern, and even UVA, Wake, UNC, etc. Does Duke still offer the fewest scholarships in the ACC and less than Wake Forest even though Wake is a lot more expensive and has no endowment or athletic reputation, why? Why does Duke keep throwing tens of millions down the drain with building projects that do nothing for recruiting?

    How much does McCallie and Kimel and Danowski and Brooks make, what about other nonrevenue coaches? When Roof is fired, the next coach is getting $1M+/yr, right?

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