So while trying to pass time until tonight's game.....I was thinking about some different topics I'd like to hear people talk about and I came up with this.

I thought about how well this years team has played together and grown together throughout the year and how pleased I am with all of the players...starters and bench players. But being as to how crucial this years freshman will be going into the near future I wanted to speak a little on that.

I feel we all know Andre's story, overcoming tragedy and hitting some big shots in some crucial games this year...true definition of clutch. Then, we have Mason and him overcoming his injury and putting together some solid performances here and there and showing the next year will prove to be a BIG year for Mase....but then I came to Ryan Kelly.

I like Ryan and I think once he gets on the floor a little more he'll be able to prove he can shoot a little but I'm unsure as to the following:

- what to expect going forward?
- how we'll even use him?
- will he even be a factor?
- Can anyone even remember a past player to compare him to?

I just feel this season may have been a little disappointing for him and I just don't know what to think...I like having him on the team but I wish I knew what his role would be...when I think of a player from the past I guess Lee Melchionni? I don't believe anyone ever expected much from Lee but atleast he had extreme passion and always brought energy...I don't get this from Ryan and unsure if this a good comparison.....with that said.....please....have at it....thanks