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    Bobby Cremins, one win from dancing

    I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere else on the boards, so I thought I'd point out that Bobby Cremins and the College of Charleston Cougars are one win away from a bid to the NCAA tournament. His team upset Southern Conference darling Appalachian State in OT last night, and will play Davidson tonight on ESPN2 at 6 eastern for the SoCon championship. And it's in Charleston, to boot.

    Davidson and Appy State were both at least in the at-large bubble picture, especially the Mountaineers after wins over Virginia and Vanderbilt. Both were probably very long shots, but held out some hope. Charleston's win surely scuttles that. I have a feeling it will be a long, bitter summer for Appy State. Now maybe Cremins can give the same feeling to the Wildcats! (Obviously, as a Duke fan, I'm also kind of pulling for Davidson, so Duke can say that's another tournament team it beat, but it's hard not to pull for Cremins in this game.)

    Good luck, Coach Cremins!

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    Davidson wins

    Davidson won in a very competitive game. Both teams were consistently knocking down the 3-ball. I really get tied up watching the ACC and other power conferences, but the Southern Conference Championship was a very entertaining affair. I'd love to see Davidson build off this win and knock off a couple of teams in the Big Dance (as long as it's not us)!

    Bob Green
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    It's always nice to see a Duke Endowment school snag an automatic bid.
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    I agree and...

    Quote Originally Posted by hurleyfor3 View Post
    It's always nice to see a Duke Endowment school snag an automatic bid. would be nice to see the Southern Conference Champions win a couple of games seeing as we trace our roots to that conference. But the ACC had been around a few years before I made my debut in the World in 1959. I'm sure there are a few folks on this board with very strong memories of the Southern Conference days.

    Bob Green
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    Thumbs up

    Go Cats!

    (that was my original message, but all messages are required to be at least 10 characters)

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