As a follow-up to my post earlier in the week that showed historical sweet 16 appearances, I've put together the same chart for the elite 8 at

An update to my previous post, which shows the number of times each team has made the elite 8 since the tournament expanded the field to 64 teams in 1985. The winning percentage shading is updated for the wins in the 2010 tournament.

All games from 1985 through this year are included. The number of appearances is included in parentheses behind each team’s name (due to space limitations, teams with 3 or less wins do not include this label).

Each team is shaded based on its winning percentage in the elite 8 (winning percentage is through the 2019 tournament). The darker the blue, the higher the winning percentage. Teams are sorted based on their conference membership today, not based on their membership at the time of elite 8 appearances.

Top ten teams
1. North Carolina (13 appearances, 9 wins)
2. Duke (12 appearances, 11 wins)
3. Kentucky (11 appearances, 4 wins)
4. Kansas (10 appearances, 7 wins)
5. Connecticut (8 appearances, 3 wins)
6. Michigan State (7 appearances, 6 wins)
6. Arizona (7 appearances, 4 wins)
8. UCLA (6 appearances, 4 wins)
9. Georgetown (5 appearances, 2 wins)
9. Louisville (5 appearances, 2 wins)
9. Memphis (5 appearances, 2 wins)