An inspired game by NC State. Duke seemed to have regained control of the game with a couple minutes to go- but a few odd mistakes at the end and State got it to one. Duke missed a layup that went in and out and State took teh lead on a tough jumper- or maybe the other way around. The whole game, State was not going away. They hit tough shot after tough shot. Duke did not play particularly well-they had a huge scoring drought in the first half and never seemed to be able to get into a rhythm in teh second. State is playing inspired ball in the second half- they just do not want to lose for their coach. Teams like that are hard to beat.

The only silver lining in all this is perhaps Duke will return home and get mean and focused for a six game run. But this should be a big lesson that from here on out- one bad game and you go home. Duke has to match the intensity of other teams. UNC and Maryland are not their only competition.
Of course we need to root for State to win the tourney.