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    Jon coming through in the clutch!

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    Nice executions of the spread offense the last few times.

    I loved Nolan and Kyle's tip ins! We live off the offensive boards.

    I am streaming Raycom via CBS from the ACC website. Sucks. I cannot get back into Raycom's actual site and espn360 is blacked out. Who makes the decisions? Raycom- you such for limiting my options!

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    Ohio State just squeeted out a one point win over Michigan so we aren't a number 1 quit yet.

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    Please, PLEASE somebody tell me how they don't call UVA over the back on Kyle and then call ticky-tack stuff this time down?

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    This felt like a classic game back after a long lay-off. Hopefully we shook off the rust and will be sharper from the tip tomorrow.

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    Survive and advance

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    Hope Jon gets to bed early tonight. It seemed like he didn't really fully wake up until about 1:30.

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