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    MBB: Illinois 78, Michigan State 73

    I think Izzo might kill his back-up point guard. Or else he will explode.

    Kalin Lucus is out with a sprained ankle, and the replacements have been, in Izzo's own words at the halftime interview "Terrible."

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    That was funny. Can't say I feel too sorry for Tommy. I think he's an excellent coach, but 2005 still burns me. (Speaking of the "All-time Most Hated Players" thread we have going, Paul Davis is one player I wish I could have as my own personal human bowling pin. Not to bowl with, but to hit with a hammer and break.) I digress, however

    This has been a good one. Big time dagger there for the Illini. Looks like Sparty is going down again. Could put a major damper on their chance of a top seed.

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    Was in Champaign for this one....

    Illinois made the plays at the end. 18 turnovers for State, and most of them turned into layups or dunks for the Illini.

    State's not a top seed in any way. Likely a 3 at this point, depending on when Lucas returns. Only one more really bad road game at Purdue.

    Still, this experience without Lucas may help them in March, if Lucious or anyone else can use the increased minutes to improve.

    Draymond Green is on his way to being a star at the NCAA level. He kept State in the game by himself, and has a pretty extensive skill set for a guy who is 6'6" and 260.


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    Michigan State and Izzo are always tough. Would love to see MSU play Kentucky in the NCAAs. I think MSU would make them TAP OUT.

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