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    Offensive and Defensive Efficiency

    I did not see this link posted elsewhere...if I missed it, mods please feel free to delete or combine this as appropriate.

    Luke Winn did a nice article on CNNSI looking at offensive and defensive efficiency of various teams at this point in the season, and reviewed the efficiency numbers of the elite eight teams going back several seasons for comparison.

    Here's the link

    Interesting to compared Duke's offensive and defensive efficiency numbers to our last final four team. Not sayin'...just sayin'...
    Brian Zoubek on what was going through his mind walking to the free throw line with 3.6 seconds remaining in the 2010 National Championship game and Duke up by 1: "Fifty percent [of me is] thinking, This is what I've been dreaming of doing my entire life. Fifty percent I'm crapping my pants."

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    Great find!

    I hope our efficiency numbers don't drop too much going into ACC play. They are bound to drop some, though.

    KY doesn't surprise me. Will be interesting to see how they navigate the SEC. I assume that Wall passed his courses and will be eligible next semester?

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    For those interested in efficiency numbers, you can follow live tempo-based stats (including off efficiency, +/- numbers, etc) on our site for nearly all NCAA games.

    Here is the link to our NCAA Scoreboard.
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    Check out our NCAA Scoreboard featuring live tempo-based stats.

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