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    Great SI article on Officiating

    Here's one particularly interesting passage: "Every ref in America should read a study released in November by Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, which found that the larger the foul differential between two teams, the more likely any subsequent foul will be charged to the team with fewer fouls. In other words, because referees by nature want to even out foul totals, aggressive play pays."

    Written by the always excellent Alexander Wolff and definitely worth a read.

    And you may also enjoy the photo on page 1 of the article
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    We discussed the specific study you are referring to earlier on DBR:

    My opinion is the study (as described by ESPN - I haven't read the original) is quite poorly done overall, but that the one trend you cited is by far their most convincing point.

    Also, I am all in favor of cracking down on defensive physicality. Far too often, college teams just look helpless on offense, unable to do anything but throw up a prayer. I appreciate good defense as much as the next man, but basketball needs good offense too, and right now I think the offense needs a boost.

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    Didn't mean to be repetitive. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    It's all good. It's only that one study that was discussed earlier. The rest of the article is new (at least for me!). Helps give some appreciation for how hard it is to be a good ref.

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    Over the top

    Well, here's one example. It's an AWESOME story. Wolff is really a good reporter / writer.
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