Obviously, today is Pearl Harbor Day and as you would expect, most of the history and military channels are running documentaries about the attack -- just stale repeats of stuff we've seen and heard a million times.

But Turner Classic Movies is an exception ... they've been running a marathon of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" documentary series.

Capra's "Why We Fight" films were made at the behest of General George Marshall, specifically to be shown to the troops during their training (the reason is pretty much explained in the title). Individually and collectively, they are some of the greatest propaganda films ever shown.

As I write this, Turner is showing "The Battle of Russia" -- the fouth film in the series. We've already missed "Prelude to War", "The Nazis Strike" and "The Battle of Britain". Next on the list is "The Battle of China."

But I'm posting here to suggest that if any of you have access to TCM, either watch or record the final film in the series: "War Comes to America" (5:15 p.m. Eastern Time). I believe it is the highlight of the series and ranks with Refinstahl's "Triumph of the Will" as the greatest propaganda films of all times.

Basically, it's the story of America -- what it stands for and how we were drawn reluctantly into World War II. Granted, like all propaganda films, it's biased, but it's also reasonably honest. It provides a great picture of America in the days before the war.

Anyway, I enthusiastically recommend it to anybody interested in that type of thing. And as for Pearl Harbor day -- well, if you have to watch a Pearl Harbor-themed movie, from a historical accuracy POV, please watch "Tora, Tora, Tora" and skip "Pearl Harbor".