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Thread: Barnes to UNC

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    Barnes to UNC

    We're all disappointed. Please keep it civil.


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    Man. This one hurts. I know some people will bounce right back to say next play, but I'm remarkably down for 4 pm on a Friday afternoon.

    Good luck to Harrison Barnes. Would have loved to have you here. Best wishes in your basketball career (except when you are playing us of course).

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    I would hope that the media types begin to cast UNC as the Yankees, rather than Duke. UNC has now assumed the role of We Get All The Players We Want, regardless of when they start recruiting them. They are truly the new Evil Empire of College Basketball. Not even Kentucky gets every player they want.

    Best of luck, Mr. Barnes.


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    Well, now we all need to hope that his game has ZERO success in college. I respect him as a person and respect his choice. But, in the great tradition of this rivarly. I now hate his guts. Thats the way it works.

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    Best of luck to a Hole. Not from me. The whole announcement to me was a presentation of self importance.

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    Right now, Carolina is getting whoever they want. That doesn't mean we can't compete, just stating pretty much a fact.
    I knew this would be a bad Friday the 13th for somebody.

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    Not sure what kind of magic Ol' Roy has over there in CH, but he seems to get whatever and whoever he wants lately... Now, let's just kick the crap out of them and HB next year!

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    Barnes decision

    If you watched his whole press conference on the Des Moines Register site, you can only say he's one impressive kid. Maybe a shade less impressive for having made this particular choice, but he'll be successful regardless. I suspect his year in Chapel Hill won't hold him back too much.

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    Like Getting Punched in the Stomach

    It just seemed like all the stars were aligned for Duke on this one, which adds to the surprise and disappointment. Just don't understand how a guy like Barnes could prefer Huckleberry to Coach K.

    The silver lining is that the happiest person today (outside of Chapel Hill) is probably Roscoe Smith, and he would be a very nice consolation prize and great addition to a good recruiting class.

    The silver lining seems pretty thin right now though.

    But as they say, it's more about the name on the front of the jersey - and we're still Duke.
    Singler is IRON

    I STILL GOT IT! -- Ryan Kelly, March 2, 2013

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    This one hurts more than Boynton, Monroe, Patterson X1336738902

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    With Marshall, Bullock, and Barnes, Ol' Roy has landed another monster recruiting class. I am deeply depressed and will no doubt drink heavily tonight.

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    Completely disagree. Don't hate his guts at all. Throughout the entire presser, I kept thinking-he could not be more of a Duke kid and he is precisely what we need.

    Very disappointing. I don't fault K/Staff for lack of effort, but it's pretty disheartening when your main rival can swoop in at last minute and own you.

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    I feel like i got kicked in the gut!

    The recruiting sting hurts...again...however.

    If you had to pick between one year of Singler as a senior and one year of Harrison as a wouldn't be close. Hopefully both of those things come true.

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    I am definitely more disappointed than I should be over a 17 year old's decision, but that hurt. I can't say that he made a bad decision, just not one that I would have preferred. Best of luck to him, but I will not be cheering for him (though probably following his progress) as there are 13 guys in a darker shade of blue that I will be cheering for.
    Go Duke!

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    How's this for glass half full?

    Harrison didn't think he would be the first option on the wing with Singler back next year. He wanted to be a bigger part of the offense in his one year.

    Well. There is now clearly room for both Rivers and Beal.

    Congrats to UNC, they did a great job of keeping it quiet.

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    Let's just face it, we can not compete in recruiting with UNC, I don't know what the reason is, but we will be playing second fiddle to them for a long time. I just do not see how anyone could have anything positive to say about this situation, the reality is UNC will more than likely, win it all next year. We just don't have the core to do that.

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    Good luck to HB in his career. I look forward to Kyrie handing his friend HB a few losses in 2011.

    As will be said many times in this thread (and probably has while I've been writing): NEXT PLAY.

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    I had never listened to Harrison before but I was definitely impressed with his poise and his words. Definitely seems to be a great kid. This definitely hurts as I believe we have the best combination of athletics and academics.

    Well this is not the first and won't be our last disappointment.

    But Hello Kyrie and the rest of the gang...

    Let's get em

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    We still have Kyrie and I am telling you that is a lot to be excited about. He will make everyone better!

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    NCAA Championship

    I think it is not easy to compete with UNC in recruiting the same player when their team members are national champions...until the new wears off of that and those players are gone it will be difficult to get someone Carolina is after...will be an interesting next year with him on the court. Beat them five in a row and the decision won't look nearly as good to him as it may now.

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