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Thread: Austin Rivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimsumner View Post
    "Now that I think of it, Duke and UF have probably had more "sons of" than any other programs"

    Danny Ferry
    Quin Snyder
    Clay Buckley
    Bobby Hurley
    Thomas Hill
    Grant Hill
    Chris Collins
    Jeff Capel
    Mike Dunleavy
    Shavlik Randolph (grandson)
    Lee Melchionni
    Gerald Henderson
    Kyle Singer
    Nolan Smith

    And that doesn't include players like Robert Brickey, Crawford Palmer, Billy McCaffrey, Andre Buckner, even Greg Paulus who had brothers play big-time sports. Don't know what we do with the Plumlee brothers.

    Have I left out anybody?
    Seth Curry.

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    Aus-tin Rivers
    Dat Aus-tin Rivers
    He must know somethin'
    But don't say nothin'
    He just keep rollin'
    He keeps on rollin' our way

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    Yep, Seth qualifies under the son category and the brother category. A two-for-one special.


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    Lotta Hole Quakin' Goin' On

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickdog View Post

    Lotta Hole Quakin' Goin' On
    Got a COD problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by miramar View Post
    I can see why Rivers would be interested in Florida since he lives near the school, but knowing both universities, I can also see why he would be impressed by his visit to Duke. The UF campus is nice, much better than FSU for example, but it can't compare to Duke, Cameron, etc.

    It sounds like Dad is subtly trying to get his son to expand his horizons, which sounds like a good strategy no matter where he ends up.

    Now that I think of it, Duke and UF have probably had more "sons of" than any other programs, so both schools seem to make sense.
    Like everything else, UNC has gotten its share of sons of" and relatives of lately too with Drew II, McAdoo, and Davis.

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