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    Graduation Rates

    The new NCAA report on graduation rates and Academic Progress Rates is out and you will be shocked, shocked to know that Duke is better than Maryland.

    At Duke, 86% of African-American basketball players and 100% of white players graduate in six years, with an overall rate of 89%

    At Maryland, 0% of AA players graduate, and 50% of white players, for a 10% rate.

    FSU is 100% for both, while UNC is 80, 100 and 86%.

    Clemson is also bad (25-100-29).

    Check out the stats, although you will have to click on the internal link on this page:

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    I guess I should add that Wake is also 100% for both, and BC is 67 and 50, with 70% overall.

    NC State and Virginia Tech were not included, apparently because the NCAA does not consider their players to be college students at all.

    Some national stinkers include Arizona (0-100-20), UConn (22-0-33), and Texas (14-50-31). I don't know what these coaches tell families, unless it's "Don't worry, Johnny will get into the NBA so he'll be able to pay some college graduates to do his thinking for him."

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