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    Charting Duke vs. Maryland (ACC Tournament)

    Wow -- talk about a game where the plus/minus stats meshed perfectly with what was observable. I votd for Nolan Smith for MOTM long before I saw the plus/minus stuff, and I kept yelling at the TV to get him in the game whenever he was out. But +17 in a game Duke won by 6? That's incredible! Back when he was starting during the first half of the season, his plus/minus was fantastic. A lot of that was due to the fact that there was a big drop-off when Paulus would come in, and Smith would benefit while the guys who played the biggest minutes would suffer. Today, it was the same sort of thing with Smith/Williams.

    Speakng of Paulus, big props for his +9. When Duke went really small to combat Maryland's sagging defense, it was a terrific move. And Paulus did a nice job as part of those lineups. Dave's numbers matched his impact, and Williams and Thomas had pretty bad stats, as you'd expect. In fact, the starting lineup as a group -- yikes! Fortunately, that was the only group to post a negative plus/minus rating.

    Finally, it's getting pretty easy to calculate Singler's plus/minus since, you know, he never comes out of the game. Anyway, on to the numbers ...

    Jon Scheyer 57-54 (+3)
    Elliot Williams 12-19 (-7)
    Gerald Henderson 55-56 (-1)
    Kyle Singler 67-61 (+6)
    Lance Thomas 14-21 (-7)
    Nolan Smith 62-45 (+17)
    Greg Paulus 20-11 (+9)
    David McClure 44-36 (+8)
    Brian Zoubek 4-2 (+2)

    Per 40 Minutes

    Brian Zoubek +80
    Greg Paulus +51.4
    Nolan Smith +22.7
    David McClure +13.9
    Kyle Singler +6
    Jon Scheyer +3.2
    Gerald Henderson -1.2
    Elliot Williams -18.7
    Lance Thomas -20


    Paulus-Smith-Scheyer-McClure-Singler 5-2 (+3)
    Paulus-Smith-Scheyer-Henderson-Singler 5-2 (+3)
    Smith-Scheyer-Henderson-McClure-Singler (x3) 31-29 (+2)
    Smith-Scheyer-Williams-Singler-Thomas 5-3 (+2)
    Smith-Scheyer-Henderson-Singler-Thomas 4-2 (+2)
    Paulus-Smith-Henderson-Singler-Zoubek 4-2 (+2)
    Smith-Scheyer-Williams-McClure-Singler 2-0 (+2)
    Paulus-Smith-Henderson-McClure-Singler 6-5 (+1)
    Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-McClure-Singler 0-0 (0)
    Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-Singler-Thomas (x3) 5-16 (-11)

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    I bet you're happy, too...

    .....that we're settling in on fewer lineup changes now that we're closing in on the end of the season. All those lineups for the early games must have been a nightmare for you to keep up with.

    Grey Devil

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    Interesting that all the + lineups contained both Smith and Singler. Of course, since he never comes out, all the - lineups (1 total) contained Singler as well!

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