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    MBB: UNC 79, Duke 71 Post-Game Thread

    Tough loss, but plenty of good signs, too. Discuss here.

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    I took a drink every time they mentioned Ty Lawson's stubbed toe. Too drunk to discuss the game now.

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    Great plan of attack and as usual, very gutty performance. But when you're so limited - nothing from the post and obliterated on the boards, it takes a near perfect performance to beat the best teams.

    I'm hoping that changes next year - we need something down low.

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    Second half rebounding and some horrendous decisions did us in the second half.

    G was clearly pretty frustrated with the lack of whistles on the drives, but not much you can do about it. Kyle looked very tired in the second half.

    Not like they blew us out but I never got the least bit comfortable. They are so fast and a 7 point mini-run always seems to be around the corner.

    We would have had to be perfect and gotten some breaks to win there on National Beaker Day. We got neither.



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    For the first time this season, I am not disappointed at a Duke loss. Carolina, quite simply, is the best team in the nation and we are just a solid top 10 team. They are more talented than us and their advantage in the post translated to an incredible rebounding edge today.

    We had to shoot lights out in the second half and contain Lawson, but we were unable to do either of those things so we lost. However, the future of this team is bright and we are definitely making it to the second weekend of the tournament this year.

    Next play.

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    Congrat's to UNC. I feel they had some help, but thats how it is.

    That being said, Duke could of won this. They missed a few open looks, a couple of questionable calls. All in all, I like what I seen. Tough loss, but hopefully they learn from it. The new line-up really gives teams fits with its length.

    Look forward to a healthy Nolan Smith returning. Could of used a little more dribble penetration.

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    If we could have hit a few more of our open shots out of the offense, we're in a great position to win. We played pretty well, but Carolina absolutely hit open shots and some shots that weren't open. Tough luck with Kyle being out of bounds (barely) on that late rebound that resulted in Lawson's 3-pt play.

    The officiating could have been better (the first charge on Kyle?) but didn't cost us the game in any sense. Still, we played well and I feel like we can make a good run in the ACC and NCAAs.


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    Definitely have improved since the first meeting. I was sort of stunned how much the bench was shortened, specifically having Scheyer play the entire final 20 minutes. Zoubek getting in foul trouble hurt because his height altered some shots. To keep it as close as they did after being out rebounded by 20 is amazing. I think we can still beat them, but it is obviously going to be tough. We didn't get what we needed from G tonight, and foul shots hurt. Kyle also being held in check in the second half hurt.

    Let's rally the troops, get healthy, and rest up for a big weekend next weekend.
    2009-2010 can't come soon enough.

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    I like this team a lot, and didn't have any problem with our gameplan or effort today. Just got killed on the boards in the second half; our main guys were a little worn down.

    It's tiresome to see Hansbrough get the benefit of the doubt on calls time after time after time. But he's moving on.

    Jim Nantz---you got taken in by the Ty Lawson pre-game injury nonsense; thought you were a little smarter than that. That's an old one in the light blue playbook.

    Looking forward to the post-season. We can definitely make a run!

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    We gotta be very happy with the play of Duke's big 3 today but VERY worried about the complete lack of support from others. EWill deserves credit as well. Carolina just REALLY good team when they play well.

    To echo a comment made in the ingame thread, Duke's got some issues with the big men. Its sad but Zoubek just cant keep up with ACC big men and is a liability to team. Wish it wasnt the case but he's just 2-3 steps behind.

    Anyways Jon was amazing and deserves tons of credit for keeping us in it. G has some spectacular plays and Kyle played tough

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    1st off, can we not cry about the refs. It makes us sound like Maryland fans. We definitely got the short end of the stick on a few (the 4th on Kyle being the biggest) but that's not why we lost the game.

    We lost this game because aside from Scheyer we shot 15 of 43 (35%) from the floor and 5 of 18 (28%) from 3. That combined w/ getting outrebounded badly is not going to win you games against good teams.

    That's not to say we played badly... Scheyer had probably the best game I've seen him have. To score 24 points on 7 shots (10 if you count the ones he was fouled on) is amazing. Kyle played a great 1st half but he struggled in the 2nd half. If 1 or 2 of those 2nd half 3s went down it's a different ball game. Gerald just didn't seem to have it today. Not effective shooting from the field (he was 4 of 11 and had like 2 or 3 dunks) and had too many turnovers. He made some spectacular drives though and had some nice dishes. Elliot is not a very good 3-point shooter (yet).

    Overall I think we played a pretty good game. If they are the best team in the country then Duke is not very far behind. Let's hope we can get a rematch in a week!

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    I hate this loss, but I don't think we can be TOO sad about the way Duke finished the season. Think about where we were 3 weeks ago. Winning 5 in a row and losing to UNC by 8 - we are in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by umdukie View Post
    For the first time this season, I am not disappointed at a Duke loss. Carolina, quite simply, is the best team in the nation and we are just a solid top 10 team. They are more talented than us and their advantage in the post translated to an incredible rebounding edge today.

    We had to shoot lights out in the second half and contain Lawson, but we were unable to do either of those things so we lost. However, the future of this team is bright and we are definitely making it to the second weekend of the tournament this year.

    Next play.
    That would mean the Sweet 16. I am not so sure that I would be happy with only a Sweet 16. I know, or belive anyway, that this team will not win the tournament but I am hoping for more than a Sweet 16
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    I echo the feel of missed opportunity on this one. In Cameron, Duke was run over in the second half. Here, it seemed some credit should go to Carloina's toughness putting Duke in positions where they were taking questionable shots. A couple of key decisions and fouls being called differently, and Carolina would have had some serious game pressure on their shoulders.

    I think the look in K's eyes a the end fortells one more session coming up in this one.

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    A little quiet, so I guess I'll reply to myself. I'm enthused. Granted, I was enthused after the first game against Carolina, but this is different. For the first time in a while, I really see the way this team is constructed for long-term success.

    Gerald, Kyle and Jon are all on form going into postseason play. Moving Jon to the point has made our offense so much more efficient. We hung tough with Lance and Jon playing on ankles that surely more painful than Lawson's injured toe. We hung tough without Nolan Smith. We hung tough when Singler got in foul trouble. We hung tough through some brutal calls (Singler's "charge" against Frasor on the break, Singler's "fourth foul" when Hansbrough flopped). We hung tough even though we couldn't play Paulus in the second half because there was just no one for him to guard, shortening our rotation. We hung tough even when it seemed like every mistake we made got magnified -- misses turning into long rebounds turning into easy baskets and quick 4-or 5-point swings. We hung tough because we have a good team.

    I'm looking forward to everyone returning healthy, and it's clear what Nolan can bring to this team when he gets back. Getting 20-some minutes off the bench from him will be huge. We can increase our ball pressure. Hopefully, that will keep our D from giving up such a high shooting percentage. We'll get decent contributions from Zoubek and McClure. Paulus probably will be relegated to spot duty, but maybe he can hit a big shot or two. And we have a terrific starting lineup.

    This is a really good team. It can keep getting better. Let's hope the next four days are filled with plenty of rest, improvement and game-planning and that we see a strong performance in Atlanta.

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    Tough to swallow......

    I wish we had some answer for Lawson and Handbag.....and if we did, I wish they would stick around another year ( I know he can't) so we could beat them.....can't stand to see that guy (Hansbro) win.....6-2 against Duke.


    I deleted what I was going to write, because it would be too I guess I can only hope for better times.......

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    Tough loss to a good team on the road. I see some ref discussions, and there were some big plays that stand out. One, IIRC, was when Singler got a tough rebound in traffic with about two minutes left and Duke down by three, and he got called for stepping on the end line. He was bumped and that could have been called just as easily, but alas. Instead, Lawson converts a 3-point play, and instead of Kyle on the line with Duke down three, UNC is up by 6. That was the biggest exchange of the game.
    That being said, that stuff was certainly not the reason for the end result, and Duke fans definitely can't blame refs. Much like the first game, UNC shot really well in the second half, while Duke had a cold streak (or two), and UNC absolutely killed Duke on the boards. That is why they got the W.

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    Defensively, we did enough against a UNC team that generally executed very well on offense. But only 32 points for Duke in the second half -- that's not enough to get it done against most ACC teams.

    Hansbrough is the only player in the ACC that gets those charging calls while sliding laterally against his man.

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    Yet to Drink...

    ...yet it will happen. The frustration lies with the refs. It isn't terping when it's true. When these three sit to review, they should come away feeling quite embarrassed. The missed traveling violations. (these cut both ways) The foul calling, or lack thereof, was awful. (Beaker's reach-in prior to the flop was so obvious. Two hands go in, two legs kick out.) The NBA style continuations on unc's shots. The forth foul call on Kyle. Terrible.

    WFMY cut away from the MVC game just in time for tip-off. Now their news is dominated by the fantastic celebrations forthcoming for Franklin St. Sickening.

    The tournament is gonna be a bloodbath. It makes for good TV.

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    Just didn't get the breaks we needed today. A bunch of open shots that didn't fall for us, the loose-balls, the rebounds, the couple of those "and-ones" that we didn't convert...and of course the ridiculous shots that UNC hit (Beeker's 3s, pretty much anything Ellington shot and Deon "I only suit up for Duke games" Thomson). Frustrating game...we could have won this game.

    And this is w/o even mentioning the refs. Wow...home-cooking was definitely the case today. Must be nice to be a Tarheel when you get games officiated like this.

    Also, I listened to the entire game...and I am not sure I heard Clark Kellogg say ONE positive thing about Duke. Can we just get one announcer who is not pre-disposed to not liking us? The likes of Elmore, Dykes, et al is bordering on ridiculous (the G Man is the only professional announcer around).
    Windy City Devil

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