Wow. I thought this was one of the best this season. I guess I was not prepared for ending the nukes story in mid season. Now it looks like we have a whole new plot. I figured Audrey was alive, but now it looks like it's done with the terrorist and back to the Chinese. I loved the preview for next week..."With all due respect Mr. President, you owe me one". I have to admit I just started watching 24 two years ago, so I don't see all the criticism of the show to be warranted. Maybe it's still cool for me. Of course some of it is hard to believe, but come on, when you are working on a 1 day=a season schedule you have to stretch a little . If not, the alternative is someone gets caught in traffic(especially after a nuke went off in your town) and they are out for 3 episodes. So for me 24 still rocks!!!