I pranked 3 of my coworkers (who totally deserved it*) today, and I was wondering if anyone else has pulled an April Fool's joke on anyone at work/school. Here's the list of what I did

- put each of their mouses in Jello - yes, I just copied the Office, but it took some effort disassembling the mouse, filling it with BB's (so it doesn't float), and removing all electronic parts so that I wouldn't break it.
- one guy has a yoga ball that he occasionally sits on, so I put a smiley face on it (we have juggling balls at work with smileys... I guess it's sort of an inside joke)
- put Bert + Ernie faces on one girl and her boyfriend's picture, and put Huey, Dewey, and Louie on the other guy's nephew/nieces... yes, I'm 12.
- taped down the part under the ear piece of the phone and called their extensions as they arrived, so that when they answered the phone, it would keep ringing.
- switched some buttons on the keyboard that most people wouldn't notice (M and N, I and O, comma and period). This one actually was good enough that one of them had to get her password reset because she typed in the wrong password three times.

* They put my trackball in Jello, but didn't cover it well enough, and it filled up with Jello and stopped working...