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    Lindsey Harding is the Naismith Award winner!

    Story here. Congratulations to Lindsey for winning the Naismith! What a great recognition of her achievements this year.

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    Congratulations! Well done.

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    Will Duke Retire Harding's Number?

    Miss Harding has earned NDPOY and NPOY. When will her number be retired beside Alana's? Has a date been set?

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    Wonderful. And well-deserved.

    Lindsey has done Duke proud!

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    Will Lindsey be the Number One Pick?

    Over at, Lieberman says yes.

    With all due respect, I think Lieberman is nuts.

    Phoenix has the first pick. Phoenix has Taurasi. Pheonix also has a pregnant starting center (Vodichkova).

    I think Phoenix takes Davenport, and Lindsey goes to San Antonio at number two.

    I agree with Lieberman that Armintie Price of Ole Miss goes to Chicago at number three.

    Ali goes either to Minnesota at number four or New York at number five.

    And Widdle Ive-wee will sit and sit in the green room until some team desperate for a point guard rolls the dice on an undersized (by WNBA standards) player. It's entirely possible that Little, not Latta, will be the first Heel drafted.

    Please Please Please, hoop godesses, don't let Latta go to Washington; I so want to watch Alana post her up and abuse her.

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