View Poll Results: Who was the Man of the Match vs. Purdue?

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  • Gerald Henderson

    1 0.51%
  • David McClure

    5 2.56%
  • Greg Paulus

    3 1.54%
  • Miles Plumlee

    0 0%
  • Jon Scheyer

    39 20.00%
  • Kyle Singler

    146 74.87%
  • Nolan Smith

    0 0%
  • Lance Thomas

    1 0.51%
  • Elliot Williams

    0 0%
  • Brian Zoubek

    0 0%
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    Man of the Match vs. Purdue

    Who was the Man of the Match vs. Purdue?

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    No question that the Man of the Match was KYLE SINGLER!!!! But hats off to the entire team and especially the DEFENSE!!!!!!! Great Game!!!!
    Go DUKE!!!!

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    Singler was MOTM, but Scheyer was not too far behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtr View Post
    Singler was MOTM, but Scheyer was not too far behind.
    Yah, if not for a five minute stretch where Scheyer made some pretty bad plays, i would've voted for him

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    John was great, but I thought Kyle was our strength down the final stretch.

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    Jon was great but there was something about Kyle's rebounding that stood out more than his much needed scoring. So, I went with Kyle.
    Loved the team defense in general and Gerald's in particular.

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    Scheyer was great, but voted for Singler. Great offensively, owned the boards, and played great D on Hummel.

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    So how does anybody defend against Duke? Blanket Hendo and Singler goes off, leave Jon lonely and Henderson slices inside. Play piggyback on Singler and he still slaps you on the back of the head.
    Singler's defensive play is does he cover so much ground? It's

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    I went with Scheyer. Singler finished up like a great closer in baseball. But he struggled with his offense in the first half. Scheyer was more like the starting pitcher who got us through seven strong innings. His scoring was wonderful, but his biggest contribution came defensively. He completely shut down Moore, who didn't score until midway through the second half when ... Jon was on the bench. Moore ended up scoring twice against Jon late, but his D was amazing.

    Which reminds me, there was actually some decent, accurate analysis tonight! First, the in-game crew finally pointed out what the coaches told them, that Scheyer isn't a pure shooter, but just an all-around playmaker. Then Bilas finally mentioned at halftime that Scheyer guards the other team's best perimeter player every game. (This, of course, frees up Henderson to guard people like Kramer, which enables him to roam as a weakside defender for those emphatic swats.)
    Then again, we knew all that already.

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    Kyle was obviously the man, but I gave MOTM to Paulus for accepting his role, and being ready when we needed him.

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    Kyle was motm by a large margin tonight. What an enjoyable game to watch.

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    I went with Scheyer. He got Duke ahead early - took the crowd out of it and was solid throughout. Singler had a great stretch by Scheyer broke it open and Duke did not look back.

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    had to be kyle with scheyer close behind, but henderson's blocks and rebounds were huge, too.

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    Kyle was THE MAN tonight. I also want to commend the entire team for their defense and rebounding. We had great effort and very good execution for the most part. At times Purdue looked overmatched against us; I wasn't expecting that, but I'm happy with it.

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    I voted for Dave solely because he made the three at the end of the prettiest play of the night.

    So there.

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    Kyle & Jon were amazing but I had to put in a vote for McClure. He played 20minutes - one of the critical and poised veterans off the bench - and he even took and made a three pointer!

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    For rebounding and overall nastiness, with a grin.

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    I thought Kyle played with insane energy and had some great rebounds to go with his points. It was good to see his jumper start to fall in the second half--he could have had even more points if a few of those first half threes had gone down.

    Great games by Scheyer (overall) and Henderson (defensively) as well.

    My favorite individual play of the game was Henderson's nasty spin move and finger-roll, and my favorite team play was probably Scheyer passing out of a double-team to Singler for a layup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumbo View Post
    Which reminds me, there was actually some decent, accurate analysis tonight!
    Of course, there was also the classic Dickie V moment when Nolan Smith picked up his third and his fourth fouls early in the second half. It could have been significant moment in the game as Smith was playing well but you would never know because Vitale was rambling on about Coaches vs. Cancer, the jump ball rule, the 3-point line, his having one eye, or some other nonsense not just for the third foul but the entire time it took Smith to pick up both fouls.

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    I voted for Dave. Kyle, Jon, Gerald, Nolan, Greg... you expect them to carry the team. But, I think, that I'll start looking for that "other" player that breaks out and has a good game. I think Dave fit this role this time. It's like JJ's senior year. Obviously, it's either JJ or Shel as the real MOTM. But, they can't play the game by themselves... so for this game, I saw Dave all over the place... and that 3... I was... nooooo... YESSSSSSS!!! haha... but Dave did have a good game, and is proving to be a valuable bench player I'm so happy for him that in his senior year, he can finally play injury-free, and contribute in a big way.

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