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    Durham Nightlife?

    Hey, I've got a cousin in town for the holidays, and I'm not real familiar with what Durham has to offer for two college age guys. Any suggestions for a good bar/club or any other places popular for Duke students? I know thanksgiving weekend isn't probably the best time to look for something, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    New Bern, NC unless it's a home football game then I'm grilling on Devil's Alley
    I'd pick up an Independent and see who is playing around Durham or Chapel Hill.
    Mmmm, BBQ!

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    shooters, siren's, the federal, and Tyler's were favorites of my pa school classmates

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    Two key areas would be around Brightleaf Square and down at the American Tobacco complex. BS has Satisfaction's, Devine's, James Joyce, Alivia's, Down Under, Federal. AT has Tyler's, Mellow Mushroom.
    -- DukeUsul

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    Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Where'd all the Kleenex go?

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