Living in the DC area, I have had to endure years of Carolina-linked players and coaches and front-office members -- from MJ in front office (terrible) and on the floor for a couple years (passable but clearly well past his prime), to Brendan "bad attitude" Heywood (a soft player who frequently gets injured and into fights with teammates -- who BTW was acquired by GM M. Jordan) to A. Jamison (also acquired by MJ, clearly the best of the lot) and Assistant Coach Mike O'Koren. Well, the Wizards front office, with only 11 games under their belts this season, have fired Head Coach Eddie Jordan, as well assistant Mike O'Koren.

It is a shame, as Jordan has been generally well thought of in DC since arriving a few years ago from a stint as the NJ assistant coach. But in the "what-have-you-done-for me-lately" NBA, it doesn't matter that they were w/o their starting C (Heywood, with yet another injury) and star player (Arenas) so far this season. Interestingly they named as interim HC someone from the front office with no NBA coach background.

Well, looking at the silver lining, maybe we can start to break this aboninable parade of Kerlina guys into what was once a great franchise... ;-) I mean, seriously, what do they think we are -- The Bobcats?! (talk about a team over the top with players, coaches, front office guys from one school...) But I guess the results show in their record.

On a serious note, anybody ever notice how some NBA teams seem to have links that they perpetuate with the nearby big state schools?? Funny, as a fan, I'd think the fans would be more interested in seeing their given the best chance to WIN, than in getting to play Joe Blow who used to play for nearby state-U...

Of course, until this past summer LAC seemed like Duke-west, with 4 players and a Head Coach with Duke links... (not that Duke was the nearby big-state-U)