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    I'm having a hard time seeing the case for Kiffin. Five and fifteen with the Raiders, just a kid, really, in his early 30s, with little or no (?) experience in the college game. Despite the media frame, I came away from the set-to with Davis thinking that a little more truth was coming out of Davis. In any case, it appears that Kiffin didn't want to draft JaMarcus Russell, who is, IMO, a phenomenal prospect, probably because he wanted a someone more ready right away to play. Ties in with the Davis theory that everything Kiffin did was to cover his own butt, rather than take a long-term view of the Raiders' success.

    Gruden, OTOH, would be a real coup for the Vols, if he was interested enough to get involved with recruiting.
    I guess it's a matter of how you see the whole Raiders situation. I think you believe more of what Davis says and I probably believe more of what Kiffin says. It probably doesn't help that I view Davis as a demented old man who looks like an idiot dressed up like Evil Knievel.

    Kiffin can say that he was the coordinator of one of the best offenses in the history of college football with USC in 2005 - granted he was dealing with the dream team of offensive skills with Leinart, Bush, White, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, Fred Davis, etc. Regardless of your opinion of USC, Carroll is near the top of the college coaching world right now and you'd have to think that Kiffin would have learned a few things from being under him. I think Tennessee fans will be looking for a young coach to bring some energy and excitement to the program, and to help out recruiting in a big way. However, I agree that Gruden would be a huge hire if he was interested in moving to Rocky Top. I guess that would then make the Ole' Ball Coach the 4th best coach in his own division of the conference? Wait, maybe 5th behind the Vandy coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by formerdukeathlete View Post
    Our Football effort began to feel the "hand of Nan" (pulling the funding purse strings) by Goldsmith's second year.

    Kevin White understands the dynamic of facilities vis a vis attracting and keeping coaches. His priorities might be slightly different that Cut's. When he first arrived, he commented that Yoh was a good facility, but that the stadium required immediate attention. Cut's push was for an indoor practice facility first. I think K. White wants to relocate the track, lower the field and bring seats down to the field. Alleva's bluestone paver plan for the concourse was not visionary. Lipstick on a pig, as long as the track remained. And the plan eliminated the possibility of seating expansion along, above the concourse.

    Re the shovel of dirt, fundraising has started to relocate the track and lower the field. The University previously committed $5 million of U funds to help start the stadium fix up. Jarhead, living down there in golf course heaven, probably has more of the skinny. Its going to happen, even if our guys may have to practice in the rain for a little while longer in the harshly intemperate weather of RDU.
    I trust K White knows what he's doing but I'd trust Cut's thoughts on what he needs for his program above anyone's. I also feel like the indoor facility is needed across athletics...other teams will use it too...and would benefit many more than lowering the bowl. I'm not against moving the track. I'm all for it. However; I have always seen it as way down the needs list.

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